Steam Deck does not get rid of the drift problem, although Valve is already working on it

Several players who have the controller in their hands have reported problems with the right stick.

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Valve’s new mobile platform, steam surfaceAlready in the hands of several lucky players. Those who were unlucky to test the device are the users who experienced the inconvenience the point In sticks, something that’s already starting to spread across the internet.

Drift videos shared on laptopA user on Reddit mentioned that he’s having problems with right stick from the laptop Share video of drift as evidence. The screenshots show a test screen of Steam Deck controls, where we clearly see the X and Y axis values ​​of the right stick change in a chaotic manner, even when there is no player movement on the right stick.

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In response to this, Another user shared their video show the The same problem. The surprise on this occasion was to experience the annoying drift just moments after the official launch of the laptop, as it usually appears after prolonged use of the device in question.

Valve claims that the update fixes the problemThe hardware engineer who worked on this new Valve platform, Weigh the victimsstated in 2021 that the company was doing everything they could to prevent drifting in laptop sticks, which is a problem Nintendo claims it has no solution. The company has previously provided an answer to the problem through words Lawrence Yang. The Valve designer confirms that they have analyzed the complaints in this regard and confirms that the dead zone has something to do with console software, so We must install the latest update So it doesn’t happen to us.

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The drift issue between Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch isn’t the only thing both platforms have in common, since Valve has revealed some prototypes of its laptop that are very similar to the Nintendo hybrid. Gabe NewellValve co-founder, surprised some lucky buyers, Personal product delivery to their home.

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