Stars of healthy architecture at ‘El café de las 10 con FOESaludable’

How can workspace improve the health of individuals and companies? Architect Rita Jassala, Head of the Observatory of Health Architecture and CEO of Galöw Healthy Architecture, will explain this Wednesday in “10 o’clock coffee with FOESaludable”.

Sanitary architecture focuses on creating interiors that help preserve health and generate a sense of physical and mental well-being for its occupants.

The relationship between health and construction is important given that between 80% and 90% of our lives are spent indoors. Air quality, noise level, thermal comfort, lighting quality, and even views play an essential role in our health.

According to specialists, it can increase a person’s productivity by up to 11% just by improving the quality of the air they breathe. Working in an unsuitable temperature reduces it by up to 10%.

Galöw founder Rita Gasala in 2000 will deepen all of these aspects. Today, the company is a pioneer in Spain in designing and building hotels, offices and homes within the concept of healthy architecture, a new way of projecting buildings with the decision believed that economic and social development will be promoted.

An architect from the Graduate School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, she holds a postgraduate degree in urban planning at Escola Galega de Administraciones Públicas and is the designer of BIM, a methodology that allows the creation of a digital simulation of a design, with which she administers in coordination with all the information that an engineering project entails Architectural.

At Galöw, the speaker has developed projects for the luxury hotel, office and housing sector in several countries in Europe, America and Africa, applying the concepts of healthy architecture, innovation and sustainability.

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Gassala chairs the Observatory of Healthy Architecture and is a member of WA4STEAM, an international community of female investors seeking to increase the presence of female entrepreneurs in the fields of STEM, and English language acronyms aligned with STEM.

“Healthy Architecture: How Spaces Improve Our Health and Our Business” is the upcoming “Café de las 10 con FOESaludable” title that will begin June 2, Wed 10 am through ZOOM, which is a must. check in Previously on the union website.

“Coffee at 10 o’clock with FOESaludable” is a virtual meeting point where entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the county can share experiences and good practices in health, well-being and safety working with local and international experts.

FOESaludable rewards concern for health and professional well-being with a monthly draw of Soria products among participants in these events, sponsored by Embutidos Moreno Sáez, Cañada Real, La Cañada Soriana, Espora Gourmet and Gómez Zardoya.

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