Stardew Valley creator is working on other video games besides Haunted Chocolatier

Eric Baron resolved doubts about his new project, as well as confirming that it’s not the only project on the way.

creator Stardu Valley Yesterday we were surprised Introducing your new game, which is the title of the role that we have to manage Chocolate factory in a haunted castle. With a visual section very reminiscent of his previous project, in the format haunted chocolate We will have to collect the ingredients to prepare the delicious chocolate candy that we will sell in our shop.

Haunted Chocolatier started its development over a year agoEric Baron Already dropped last month He was focusing on his next match, wondering when he’ll be able to set up new updates to manage his popular farm and social life game, however, following the introduction of Haunted Chocolatier, Barone has included Comprehensive list of questions and answers On the the web The game official, who, in addition to resolving various doubts about the recently introduced title, provided clues about it Other future projects.

Although this is not his only project, Barun is confident that he will be the first to finishWhen asked how long it took to develop Haunted Chocolatier, Baron replied that he worked on it quite a bit More than a year, especially on nights and weekends, as he’s still actively working on things related to Stardew Valley, however, he made it clear It’s not the first or only “new project” you’ve been working on, although he thinks he will be the first to finish.

Barone also confirmed that it is a title for player And that even though he was only able to confirm 100% Launch on PC, intend to take it to Other platforms. Haunted Chocolatier managed to get the crowd excited after that Stardew Valley, which turned out to be one of the biggest surprises of 2016.

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