Star Wars: A “top secret” project to build the Millennium Falcon in an old hangar

It’s the fastest piece of junk in the galaxy, capable of completing the Kessel Road in less than 12 parsecs.

What is not well known about Millennium Falcon is that it was the last ship built at the historic Royal Pembroke Shipyard in Wales, UK.

Now, a new exhibit will tell the story of how Han Solo’s beloved interstellar ship, from the Star Wars or epic Star Wars films, was built in an aircraft hangar in that city in Pembrokeshire, in the spring of 1979.

The exciting story will be told through Photographs, movies, models and fashion.

The project was so secret that it was dubbed The Magic Roundabout, but eventually rumors of a “UFO” being built in the Western Barn eventually leaked.

A technical team from the BBC in Wales even visited the crew of Marcon Fabrications, the mining company responsible for building the giant intergalactic cruiser.

Engineers usually work for Oil and petrochemical companies.

The new exhibition displays images of the Millennium Falcon Building Project

The ship took three months to build, before it was taken to Elstree Studios for filming. Empire strikes (The sequel to Star Wars – A New Hope), which won two Oscars.

The life size real size It is seen at the beginning of the film in the scenes of the frozen planet Hoth, when the secret base of Rebel Alliance is under attack.

A grant of $10,000 from the National Lottery Fund allowed local residents to tell the story of how the fastest ship in the galaxy was built.

Pembrokeshire strength

Star Wars expert and enthusiast Mark Williams has closely supervised the lengthy preparation of the Millennium Falcon exhibit, which opens at Historic Heritage Center At Pembroke Dock.

George Lucas It set a new standard, both narratively and cinematically, with Star Wars, and the story of building the Millennium Falcon in Pembroke was very important at the time.”

“Everyone knew about it and then the story disappeared and became a legend.”

“Idea A village in West Wales Making a significant contribution to this incredible saga, as the location of the most famous spacecraft in science fiction, it evokes a mixture of disbelief, bewilderment and pride.”

In an exclusive interview with BBC Wales, Lucasfilm Managing Director Lenoen Brennan, who is from Pembrokeshire, admitted that she only discovered the link between her hometown and Star Wars 10 years ago.

The full-size model was built at the Pembroke Dock in 1979.

“It is so wonderful to discover this common connection.I think the force must be very strong in Pembrokeshire! “, claimed.

“There is a high level of detail in the scenery, the props, the ships, and the fact that they were built by great craftsmen, that’s what’s on display. That’s why people can step into this world and get lost in it.”

Brennan grew up in the seaside village of Biennale, before making her mark with the company that produced the Star Wars films. He expressed that he will definitely go to the show when he returns to Wales in June.

“I love the fact that it takes place in my mother’s hometown and I still have a lot of family members at Pembroke Dock, so the connection is great. Pembrokeshire is still my home.”


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