Stan Laurel, Curiosity of the comic duo El Gordo y El Flaco

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Arthur Stanley Jeffersonone of the most acclaimed comedians in history, Stan Laurel, directed the famous Flaco for the immortal duo El Gordo y El Flaco.

A day like this on June 16 but from the year 1890 I was born in Ulverston, Lancashire, United Kingdom, Actor, producer and comedian This with Oliver Hardy, provoking and provoking laughter onlookers.

He has made more than 107 movies

beside him Inseparable partner of Oliver Hardybetter known as El Gordo, made 107 films throughout his career.

Hardy and Laurel back 1930’s productions Such as The Music Box, Way Out West, The Flying Deuces and Sons of the Desert.

In 1933 they shot what is considered their best movie, “fun buddies” (Sons of the Desert); His influence was so great that the title of the film was chosen for the most important fan club that Oliver and Stan are active today.

Jobs before fame

As a member of Fred Karnot’s army, he was The Apprentice of the Immortal Charlie Chaplin.

Laurel has been a substitute for a while And the imitator ChaplinSince the gestures and movements of the lead actor had to be memorized in order to be able to replace him in the event of losing Charlie, the job in English is called Understudy.

Stanley made his professional debut in a play called Panopticon in Glasgow.


His successful career has earned him a Lifetime Achievement Award and a star in Hollywood Walk of Fame.

family life

His parents are theater actors Arthur and Margaret Jefferson who are related to the world of theater. He married Virginia Ruth Rogers in 1938 and again in 1941. He has two children, Louis and Stanley.

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Comedian helped Jerry Lewis with his 1960 movie, The Bellboy, and Lewis named his character in the movie Stanley after him.


Stan has been identified as An honorary Oscar in 1961 for his extensive film career.


He was a job supporter Dick Van Dykestar Mary Poppins, who was her friend and stepdaughter.

Stan Laurel, the famous Flaco of the timeless duo Fat and thinHe will remain in the memory of the spectators for his wonderful comedic performance.

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