STA is the BEST NETFLIX movie to watch on Sunday, May 2. The Reality of American Football

It’s Sunday and it’s also time to be with the family and what’s better than sharing a moment watching a movie in a catalog NetflixWhich, as if it weren’t enough, garnered critical acclaim, especially for the performance of one of the screen darlings: will Smith.

This movie depicts the investigations of the doctor, performed by Smith, into the dangers of the strikes left by the brutal sport of American football, which, by the way, is the most followed sports activity in the world. United State, Which is represented by the great NFL, a company that does not consider losing an option.

What’s the best movie on Netflix?

The title of this production is concussion Or in Mexico, “La Verdad Oculta” starring Will Smith and directed by Peter Landesman. Condition has been handled Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (ETC)Which, according to the GQ magazine article entitled Brain game Written by Jane Marie Laskas, it is directly related to the rudeness of the game and the way in which those involved get involved.

Was the doctor Bennett Omalo Originally from Nigeria, who discovered this relationship and had to fight the NFL, the mighty league that wanted to leave what he discovered in the dark.

The tape dates back to 2015 and tells the stories of some players (who are said to be between reality and fiction) who suffered from this condition that kept them away from their families and from National Football League, For its English abbreviation, he turned his back on them.

If you are a fan of this sport, it is imperative that you understand in a global way and from different angles the discipline that steals attention every year in its biggest event: Energy.

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