St. Vincent and Carrie Brownstein (Slater Kenny) at “The Nowhere Inn”

“The Nowhere Inn” This is the new movie project he developed IFC . moviesin which he participates Vincent StreetAnd Carrie Brownstein NS Dakota Johnson.

The movie is directed by Bill Benzstarring Vincent Street NS Braunstein – Screenwriter of a serial as well as a member of bands such as Kenyan Slater NS wild flag– , where they are fictional versions of themselves want to make a documentary about the artist’s life and music Annie Clark, is called, Vincent Street. However, you can see in the trailer that “what started as a firsthand look at the life and career of an artist has gradually turned into something completely different and weird.”

The movie that can be watched for the first time in Sundance Film Festival 2020, will be issued in September 17 in theaters in the United States and later broadcast to the rest of the world. In addition, the indie rocker will also be responsible for the soundtrack for “The Nowhere Inn”.

Vincent Street He will appear on stage Festival of all things go In the US, it tops the bill next to HaimAnd mother footballAnd Charli XCX, among other things. Recently, the artist, along with Taylor Swift NS Jacques Antonov Late co-authoring of the lyrics of “Deja Vu” by Olivia Rodrigo. He also released the cover of “Sad but Real” by the director Metallica.

for this part, Braunstein The band’s tenth album has been prepared Kenyan Slater “Path of Wellnes”, que incluye sencillos como “High in the Grass” and “Worry With You”.

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