Spotify launches universal functionality for using music in programs like DJ Radio

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One of the main programs that content creators have on different platforms is Not being able to use copyrighted music within your products unless you have purchased the rights in question, otherwise a lawsuit is on the way.

Just to solve this problem in a rather strange way, Spotify announced the official launch of the tool worldwide music + talk It will allow content creators Use famous songs within your platform Without having to worry about your creations being deleted due to unauthorized use of music.

The tool is enabled by the platform to host and create podcasts, anchor, and allows merging of entire songs from List of more than 70 million audio tracks Inside the generated content. To use the tool, a section called “Music” will appear within the platform to access the service.

The most interesting thing that this new tool includes is that the song compilation will be interactive for users who listen to podcasts that have used the function. Listeners will be able to see in detail What syllables are spoken and which other syllables are devoted to listening to music In detail so that you can choose exactly what to listen to.

Software with this feature will be available to all Spotify users regardless of which model they are using, however, people who subscribe to the service excellent They will be able to hear full songs that were used within the programs, while users free template They will only have a chance to just hear 30 seconds in advance of each user path.

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Music + Talk was originally released in a file Test stage last year, although it was only available for North America, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Apparently during this point, she has proven successful which is why she will finally open up to the rest of the world.

The service is already enabled for use at the moment Japan, India, Philippines, Indonesia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, ColombiaIt is also expected to expand to the rest of the world. With regard to programs created with the tool, it can be listened to without the need for the functionality to remain available in the selected country.

As part of Spotify’s efforts to promote this new tool, they will launch a series of programs under the name Music + Talk: Open, it has several Service details For content creators I will also explain different Ways and ideas to adapt it in standalone programmes.

This function will be very useful for people interested in developing their own podcasts or programs that focus on music-related topics such as song analysis, music history or album reviews, among many other options that have gained popularity in recent years.

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