Sport UNAM presents a mobile application to promote physical activation

In an initiative to promote physical revitalization and exercise among the university community, the Directorate General of University Sports (DGDU) once again opens the door to technological resources and makes available to the university community and society in general, an application called Deporte UNAM, a tool for measuring and improving physical exercise, or as its slogan says: So that users know the value of their effort.

high performance

This application also caters to high-performance athletes, as it allows them to track the time and distance they perform during their training and physical activation, on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis, as well as people who do not face such a challenge. It helps you meet the minimum amount of exercise recommended by the World Health Organization, which is 75 minutes per week of vigorous physical activity or 150 minutes of moderate physical activity. In addition, the app gives virtual rewards (golden, silver and bronze puma) to users, every time they exceed their best mark.

Users of this technological innovation will also have the opportunity to participate in online competitions, learn about mentorship programs implemented by university sports for children under 15 years of age, as well as the requirements for courses, seminars or diplomas, and access the latest programs. Sports news highlights UNAM.

“Not only do we believe that the application can serve in the realization of online events, but also in the development of a department where the user can measure himself and compete with himself. Even when it goes beyond its own mark, it may be given virtual recognition. This is a kind of reinforcement for oneself because what cannot be measured It cannot be improved,” said Valentin Albaran Ulua, Director of Physical Culture at DGDU.

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In addition, the physical performance of representative athletes can be monitored by their coaches through this application. Similarly, research projects can be undertaken with some schools, such as identifying variables related to exercise adherence among university students.

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The application is intended for physical exercise indoors and outdoors.

Photo: DGDU / UNAM

The app is also another port of Download Sport UNAM. From the app, people can access videos produced by college sports for this study house and get advice and routines to enrich their physical culture. The technological capabilities of this digital tool allow its users to link to bracelets and smartwatches, and with this they have real-time information on calories burned and other health indicators, such as heart rate, which will give more accuracy regarding the physical condition of the users.

The application is intended for physical exercise indoors and outdoors. This application will form a kind of internal social network, you can register other users as friends and vice versa, so they can follow your efforts to get feedback and create a support community within the same application.

available now

The app is associated with Red Puma and is already available in Mexico and 77 other countries in North America, Latin America, Europe and the United Kingdom. In our country, it is available for both Android and iOS mobile operating systems, for free, through their download stores. This tool has been added to the series of innovations implemented by DGDU, such as the delivery service for subscribers via Red Puma, broadcast streaming via Facebook Deporte UNAM and Download Deporte UNAM, among others.

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