Spies and vaccines | Mauricio Macri’s Relations with Israel on Weapons and Cyber ​​Security

Among the series of names that began to appear in the elections, scandal winged horse For the cyber espionage that has outraged the whole world, it hardly goes unnoticed, despite the fact that Argentina has a huge area spy Many Argentines have been spied on by macrismo. The media establishment reduced the image of espionage affecting the world, and the opposition preferred to question the government about contact between its negotiators Russia s Argentina by Vaccines. Contrary to the intended goal, the text revealed a strong negotiating position on the Argentine side and was not at all subject to the supposed ideological connections denounced by Macrismo.

Complaints about spying escalate with Pegasus software, created and marketed by the Israeli company NSO . group It came from independent sources such as Forbiden Stories and Amnesty International. About 50,000 mobile phones and computers have been spied on around the world. In thousands of phones investigated only There are twelve heads of state, including the current presidents of France and Mexico, Emmanuel Macron s Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorAnd 189 journalists, 600 politicians, 85 human rights activists and 65 businessmen.

On Thursday, Reporters Without Borders submitted a complaint to the Israeli government on charges of spying on journalists, and Macron ordered an investigation, and the Mexican Attorney General’s office announced that it had one of these cases that could be pursued. The Moroccan government denied the accusations of espionage and the Hungarians warned that they would not provide any information while in Israel they allege it was a smear campaign. NSO claimed that it only sold this spyware to police and intelligence agencies to certain governments.

Macrismo has maintained close ties with the Israeli arms and cyber security complex. Former President Macri traveled to Israel in 2006, when he was Vice President and PRO President. In 2014 the future Minister of Security traveled to the macro-government, Patricia BullrichAnd in 2017, when Macri was president, there was the first unusual visit of an Israeli prime minister to Argentina. On that flight, right wing Benjamin Netanyahu He arrived accompanied by a group of businessmen, most of them associated with repressive tools and cyber intelligence, among whom were representatives of the NSO group.

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Most of the agreements that were made were related to security. At that time, the Israeli media highlighted these agreements, and reference was made to the acquisition of the Pegasus program from the NSO Group.

In any case, the illegal espionage device has given evidence of its existence since that year, when the Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization and then the G-20 Summit, took place in Buenos Aires in 2018. An investigation into the enormity of illegal espionage determined that the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) I spyed illegally 403 journalists, 28 academics and 58 businessmen and civil society figures.

More recently, the report of the bicameral commission to monitor and inspect intelligence bodies and activities confirmed that Spying on politicians, social leaders, intellectuals and journalists was a standard practice in the AFI during the government of Mauricio Macri.. Espionage combined wiretapping with false legal excuses – in the case of political prisoners – or with systems similar to those of Pegasus interfering with the cell phone of the person being spied on.

The complaint from Amnesty International’s Forbiden Stories and Security Lab is a sequel to an earlier complaint that arose in 2018 with the company. Cambridge Analytica, which captured information from users Facebook Techniques for manipulating political campaigns. At the time, company executives appeared before a commission of inquiry in Great Britain. In their statement, they acknowledged that they interfered in this way in the Brexit referendum in Great Britain and in the elections of other countries, including Argentina in 2015.

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At that time, he was the owner of Facebook, Mark ZuckerbergHe said his company did not interfere with espionage. in 2019, The WhatsAppAnother subsidiary of the NSO Group has decried its use of the messaging service to interfere with 1,400 phones in twenty countries, including Argentina.

The outrage around the world has its explanation because the systematic use of espionage is seen as a tool of authoritarian governments, of low Republican and democratic intensity. The scant repercussions in the media establishment and in the domestic political opposition confirmed the quality of government they maintained and practiced. The proliferation of evidence shows that espionage was used systematically during the Together for Change government.

While downplaying the importance of mass electronic espionage, the dominant media focused their criticism on a message from the president’s advisor Cecilia Nicolini To the Russia Direct Investment Fund that markets the vaccine Sputnik. For Patricia Bullrich, closely associated with the espionage case, Nicolini’s letter “is definitive proof of the political decision that has left us without millions of vaccines, with thousands of deaths, without an economy and without education.”

But the letter is an example of the opposite because it shows the Argentine negotiator doing Strong claim without violating the diplomatic rules of the game. However, there will be reason for criticism from the opposition if the second dose of Sputnik, the delay of which led to the claim, does not arrive the following week. Millions of doses manufactured in the country of the active ingredient that the aesthetic center has now sent from Russia will be available at the beginning of August.

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Contrary to what the opposition wanted to show, Nicolini’s message showed the energetic and vigilant action required in a crisis situation like the one the whole world is facing due to the pandemic and severe pressure in the markets for vaccines.

Under the Vaccines Act, the government is obligated to inform Congress about the negotiations. Everything is sent to the Health Committee made up of deputies from the ruling and opposition party who receive this classified information. For an ideological question, The dissemination of the message sought to interfere with a highly sensitive negotiation process In such a difficult global context. In this way, the vaccine supply and the lives of thousands of people are at risk. There was concern in the government that this leak meant a complete disregard for the minimum rules of the game.

The opposition was highly critical of Sputnik and asserted that millions of vaccines had been obtained Pfizer. Pfizer itself admitted that it would not be able to guarantee the requirements of that moment, as it did not do in Chile, for example. Trans-Andean country is an example widely used by macrismo. this week, The Chilean government has decided to approve Sputnik V to ensure the provision of vaccines Since the two who support their program failed. Chinese Sinovac showed a very low immunization rate. Pfizer postponed deliveries again. Now Chile will turn to Sputnik V, as well as Europe.

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