Spider-Man: The movie was censored in the UK due to a controversial phrase

Less than a month after his twentieth birthday, the first Spider-Man movie with Tobey Maguire was released worldwide in theaters, Talk continues around the world and 2022 was no exceptionas it is again in the news, now in the UK, Censored when you delete a phrasefrom one of the scenes of the original figure, is considered homophobic.

I became relevant thanks to a Twitter user named PaperPlaneTF who realized that in Spider-Man 1 they removed part of Peter Parker’s character dialogue and replaced the original phrase with an audio overlay saying “That’s a nice costume” (“It’s a nice fit”).

Why did they delete this scene?

This is because in the UK They considered this phrase homophobic It was removed from the movie scene.

  • It all happens, in the original form of the movie, when Peter Parker already has complete knowledge of his superpowers and decides to use them to make some money from cage fighting, where his opponent is the character called Bonesaw. In the original footage, our spider friend grabs onto the top of the cage to stop his opponent from catching it and says, “Hey folks. Did your husband give you that?” (“Oh, pretty sweet. Did your husband give it to you?”).



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