Spider-Man on Netflix: The movies will arrive on the platform

Sony Pictures’ films are reaching the broadcasting giant. Hence, fans of the Marvel universe will be able to play movies like Spider-Man at Netflix. Additionally, the platform will also feature movies from stories like Jumanji or Bad Boys.

Spider-Man is on Netflix as of 2022

Netflix has signed a contract with Sony Pictures Through it, it has reached an agreement with the company to reproduce the titles from 2022. Tapes such as Uncharted, Morbius, Jumaji, Bad Boys or Spider-Man will be available on the platform. A decision means that a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will again be a part of Netflix.

However, the strategy is only confirmed for the United States, although it is still not known if it can be expanded to other regions of the world. as shown The Hollywood Reporter The contract will be valid for the next five years. Movies like Uncharted, Spider-Man: A New Universe 2, Morbius, and Bullet Train will be exclusively available on the platform for the duration of the decade. Although it is an indispensable condition, They will only be available once released in theaters. The time that should elapse between films released in theaters and their premiere on the broadcast giant has not yet been determined, but this period is usually around 18 months after launch.

The Hollywood Reporter also made it clear that the films Spider-Man: No Way Home and Venom: There Will Matanza, which will be released in 2021, is not part of the agreement. Yes, the following deliveries for both franchises will be able to do this. What’s more, Netflix will be able to acquire the rights to other products of Sony’s classic library, Such as Columbia, Tri-Star, Sony Pictures Classics, and Screen Gems. In short, an initiative by which the giant opens himself again to more options apart from his original titles which goes beyond Spider-Man on Netflix being at your fingertips, but includes an entire cinematic world of first class.

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