Spider-Man No Way Home airs on HBO Max, not Disney Plus

While it can already be purchased to watch at home, many are waiting to watch Spider-Man No Way Home hbo max. However, many wonder why it is not available (at least in the short term) in Disney PlusThe home of all Marvel products.

The story is long in time but easy to summarize. There are currently no Spider-Man movies on Disney Plus. Just some fees. Yes, we’ll be able to see Spider-Man in some Marvel movies, but not the one that made him the central protagonist.

This is related to the fact that when Marvel was in a difficult financial situation in the 1990s, it gave the rights to the Spider-Man films to Sony Pictures. For some time now, Sony has been waiving the rights so that Spidey movies can be watched on different channels and platforms.

Finally, in 2021 he signed two agreements for the United States. The first was with Netflix, which secured him the first streaming window for his films released from 2022, after going through theaters and digital sales. And then, he stamped another one with Disney which became the second window. This is after Netflix.

But why is Spider-Man No Way Home airing on HBO Max?

This will only happen in Latin America and not in the United States, where the film will be available on the Starz platform, which has an agreement signed with Sony, according to which all films first shown in theaters until 2021 will go to the streaming service. After their release, passing through rooms and digital sales.

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Sony Pictures has signed another agreement with Warner Media (today discover Warner Bros.) so that its films can be viewed in Latin America on HBO Max, with an approximate six-month window from their debut in theaters.

Will No Way Home be seen on Disney Plus at some point?

Yes, but we have to wait a long time. First, like we said, he’ll debut on Starz in the US and HBO Max in Latin America. Then, after several months of exclusivity, you’ll move on to Netflix and then Disney Plus, possibly in late 2022 or early 2023.

When does No Way Home premiere on air?

The film hits theaters in December 2021 and is expected to hit platforms six months later, so it should arrive between the end of May or June of 2022.

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