Spain: The People’s Party swept an important election and dealt a blow to the government of Pedro Sanchez

conservative People’s Party On Sunday, it won the absolute majority in the elections of Andalusia, the stronghold of the historical left, which dealt a heavy blow to the Socialists from the Prime Minister, Pedro SanchezA year and a half before the general election.

With more than 50% of the votes counted at 9:30 p.m. (local time)The People’s Party has 55 deputies who allow it to rule aloneahead of 33 SWP socialists, and more than all Left MPs combined.

thus, The People’s Party will not need to be governed by the far-right Vox, as in Castilla y LeónAnd depriving the right of the electoral argument and acknowledging the commitment to moderation The neo-conservative national leader, Alberto Nunez Figo.

The results also indicate a return to the PP-PSOE, after the alternatives were interrupted with the Great Economic Crisis of 2008.

06/19/2022 19 j. – The People’s Party won an absolute majority and 55 deputies to a countable 44%. With 44.67% counted, the People’s Party won the autonomy elections in Andalusia with 56 seats, receiving 41.35% of the vote. This number represents 29 deputies, more than the 26 deputies they obtained in the 2018 elections, and places it in the absolute majority set at 55 seats. Spain Europe Andalusia Politics

Thus, Sunday’s elections led to the fall of the extreme left (from 17 to 7) – the socialists of the government in Madrid – and the disappearance of the third liberal method of Ciudadanos (from 21 to 0), and Vox stagnation (from 12 to 14).

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The Socialist Party (PSOE) Similar result to 2018 election results (33), its historical low, When it lost its regional power for the first time since the establishment of the self-rule in 1982After a corruption scandal.

Andalusia, Spain’s most populous region, with a population of 8.5 million, and second largest, was until then a bastion of the left, and Sanchez appealed to history to request a vote.

“The greatest achievements on this land have come from the hand of the English Socialist Party.”the president reassured on Twitter.

President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, celebrated the victory via Twitter and congratulated Juanma Moreno, President of the People’s Party of Andalusia. “The left is collapsing because the People’s Party manages and thinks of citizens and shows that politics is not socialist propaganda, but facts, ideas and coexistence,” he said, adding: “In the face of sectarian conviction.”

He predicted that a loss in Andalusia would be a “severe blow” for the socialists, and would mean that “Sánchez could face an uphill battle for re-election”. Antonio Barrosopolitical advisor analyst I have.

“It appears that the People’s Party is gaining more and more momentum, and voters’ concerns about inflation will make it difficult for Sanchez to sell off his government’s gains in the upcoming legislative elections.”I notice.

Spain, which had an inflation rate of 8.7% year-on-year in May, has not escaped the international context of rising food and energy prices, but major shock measures – fuel subsidies or capping gas prices – have failed to contain. they.

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The PP has attracted former socialist voters, and it can be concluded that Feijóo is winning the battle of the center against Sánchez and is in a better position to return the PP to the Moncloa Palace, after being expelled by the blame movement in 2018.

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