Spain surrenders again to the United States

It wasn’t the same but it ended the same way. And Spain lost to the United States again, as happened in the last Games and the World Cup, and was excluded from the medals, after losing in the quarter-finals. He fell 13-8 in a game where he went from more to less. But on this occasion, unlike in the Olympic final in Tokyo, Miki Oka’s team actually stood up and competed against the Americans, at least until mid-match (6-5). Then the American physical strength and the strong trio formed by Moselman (6 goals), Haralbides (6 goals) and goalkeeper Johnson, who conceded only three goals in the past two quarters, imposed their law.

What happened in the previous major tournaments was that these two teams contested the final in which Spain took the silver medal. But since they did not take first place in their group, the Spanish national team faced the United States before. Although North Americans are in the process of changing generations, they still have weapons to outsmart anyone, and that is their supremacy in women’s water polo.

Different but the same

On this occasion, Miki Oka’s team competed better than Tokyo but couldn’t keep up

When Mosselman (last summer’s best player in the game) opened the scoring after twenty seconds, it looked like the match would be the same as it was in Japan (5-14). But Spain resisted the first attacks and put a young Oka from Saint Andrew Martina Terry in goal who looked very good. Judith Furca and Mica Garcia turned strong and Spain closed out the first quarter with a 3-3 positive result.

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Later, he took the lead on two occasions with two goals from Pia Ortiz and another goal, Jamil and such, from Furca. These Oka suffered from the faith but Moselman and Haralabadis followed their faith. It was so bad for the Oka team that Johnson saved Elena Ruiz with a penalty kick. But in the middle of the game everything was decided.

Since then, the US has put pressure on the defense, Johnson has grown and thrown great passes to activate the counter-attack for his teammates and Spain just couldn’t keep up. From 4-5 go to 8-5 and then to 11-7. The United States was running away and there was no turning back.

Once again, Spain stumbled against the American stone, but this time before fighting for medals. This Wednesday it will be the men’s turn against Montenegro (7:30 pm).

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