Spain – South Korea, live

Spain – South Korea, live | Davis Cup: Watch today’s doubles match broadcast live

Koreans are getting too expensive for their skin
Sunwoo Kwon, especially in the second group. Sometimes it’s not okay
Carlos Alcaraz But he ended up shutting down the game and giving the ticket to
Spain To be in the last phase of the month of November. in
Malaga The 8 best tennis teams in the world will face each other. Now there is a doubles match between the national team and
South Korea With nothing at stake.

6-4 / 7-6

The Carraz wins! Spain wins and qualifies for the quarter-finals!

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6-4 / 6-6

just awesome. We’re going to the tiebreak.

6-4 / 6-5

You have to put your best foot forward in tennis
Alcaraz. I can not relax.


The Korean does not give up.


He suffers, but he makes the most of it
Alcaraz. The option to win the match from the rest.

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When everything was hard. Appears No. 1 in the world.
rest time Necessary.

6-4 / 3-4

Turns positions upside down. The excitement of a very complex game. Stay in the fight.

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The Korean is exploding. Asians don’t have options but they fight it with everything.

6-4 / 2-3

In white, it stays near and far
rest time.


It’s time to go back. He plays tennis very well

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6-4 / 1-2

The Korean breaks the kick
Alcaraz. Now you have to confirm it at your service.


The Korean does not give up, and is also very safe.

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6-4 / 1-0

Blank game.

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It cannot be in service. He closes it to the rest, and raises the game.


Kwon At the best moment of the match.
rest time in white.


You will have to close it at your service

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It was hard to start. But it does seem to be a symmetry in recent games.


Don’t give up on anything
Kwon. Show a very good level.


Confirm the feature. Gradually it appears
Alcaraz which we all know.


rest time From
Alcaraz. The excitement of a very complex game. You have to confirm that now.

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Close the Korean first. He’s at a very good starting level.

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He finished the first match with a serve

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Carlos Alcaraz – Sunwoo Kwon

No. 1 in the world after defeat against

“I was hurt by the defeat and because I did not give victory
Spain, but at the same time satisfied. As usual, I did not reach one hundred percent physically, but I played a good game, she ran away from me because of the small details. I left everything on the road and I can’t blame myself for anything. I’ve been at the limit the whole time, I’ve endured as much as I can but with a beast like
Felix Up front, it’s tough, he’s one of the best players in the world and I’ve been there, I fought but I couldn’t show one hundred percent.”

“The week went very well and I felt very comfortable, I prepared well and I am happy that the hard work is seen on the right track. We have a very difficult match now.
Carlos Go ahead, hope it goes well and we’ll go to

4:00 PM |
Roberto Bautista – Seong Chan Hong

5:30 PM |
Carlos Alcaraz – Sunwoo Kwon

7:00 PM |
Marcel Granollers / Pedro Martinez – Jisung Nam / Min Kyu Sung

Sergio Bruguera At the last moment of the victims
Pablo Carino s
Alexander Davidovich. The Spaniard returned from New York (the US Open) with a severe infection in one of his toes during… For his part, the man from Malaga injured his knee in the round of 16 match with
Matteo Berrettini.

– Carlos Alcaraz
– Robert Baptiste
– Marcel Granollers
– Pedro Martinez
– Albert Ramos

In the tournament, 16 different teams will play in four cities around
Europedivided into four groups with four teams, with only the first two teams from each group passing.

Group APlay in Bologna (Italy): Croatia, Italy, Argentina and Sweden.

group bPlay in Valencia (Spain): Spain, Serbia, South Korea, and Canada.

group CCompete in Hamburg (Germany): France, Germany, Belgium, Australia

group dGlasgow (United Kingdom): United States, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, and the Netherlands.

Then the teams that pass will play on November 23 and 24, in
Malaga Quarter-finals. Immediately after that, in the same week, the semi-finals and the final will also take place in
MalagaTo determine the winner of the tournament on November 25 and 26.

The tie begins at 4:00 pm and can be seen on the Movistar Plus platform, on VAMOS (8 and 45) and Movistar Deportes (59). You can also follow the equalizer live on .’s website
Sports World.

Good evening everyone! Welcome to the live broadcast between
Spain s
South Korea On the third day of
Davis Cup from group b.

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