Spain: Pedro Sanchez leads in elections after right-wing victory in regional elections | to the polls on July 23

head of the spanish government, Socialist Pedro SanchezAnnounced on Monday by surprise National legislative elections are advanced until July 23after his party’s disaster in the municipal and regional elections Sunday.

Sanchez announced that “the elections will be held on Sunday, July 23.” In a corporate statement from Moncloa Palace, it says that it has taken “this decision in light of the results of the elections held yesterday”.

“I assume the results are from a first-person perspective And I think it is necessary to give an answer and present our democratic mandate to the popular will.

The Council of Ministers is scheduled to meet on Monday afternoon to endorse the declaration, which will be published in the Official Gazette on Tuesday, dissolving Parliament.

Al-Haq won the municipal elections

in Sunday’s election, The conservatives of the People’s Party wrested from the Socialists such important positions as the presidency of Seville and ValenciaIn addition to the re-certification by the absolute majority of the governments of the city and the region of Madrid.

next to, The Popular Party prevailed in 6 regions that were ruled by the Socialists alone or in allianceValencian Community, Aragon, Extremadura, La Rioja, Balearic Islands and Cantabria.

If today was the victor for the People’s Party, it was also victorious for the far-right formation of Voxwhose support would be essential to conservatives in many places.

“The meaning of voting,” according to Pedro Sanchez

Many institutions will be run by a new majority made up of the People’s Party and FoxAnd although yesterday’s elections had a local and regional scope, The meaning of voting conveys a message that goes further.”Hafez Sanchez.

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“For this reason, as head of government and also as general secretary of the Socialist Party, I bear the consequences firsthand and think it necessary to give an answer,” he said.

In the municipal elections, the People’s Party received more than 7 million votes (31.5%), compared to 6.2 million (28.1%) for Pedro Sánchez’s PSOE.

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