Spain is showing its form against the United States in the Women’s Four Nations

theIt’s the Spanish women’s XV team, and lionessesThey gave a good shot in their match against United State, World Rugby is ranked fifth, despite going down 14-20 (Trials 1-3) in the first game of the tournament Four countriesIt takes place in the center of the university city of Madrid.

The young Spanish national team, in its first match at the level since Tour South Africa Last summer, after crushing their competitors in European Championship This is too small for him, and it gave a good picture and showed progress. In the first half, the field and management of the oval was mainly American, but without Spain get off the hook On the scoreboard thanks to the success introduced Claudia sadness (6-8 at halftime, with an American article).

It may be feared to be a file He wears Because of the defensive work in the first half, you’ll make an impact in the second half. However, it was not. John team Gonzalez showed itself firm in physical and centric In the brain Claudia Peña’s foot continued its effectiveness, Spain made a good group game and Leadership Of oval shape, the article is crowned by Carmen Castellucci He put Spain ahead (14-13) with 15 minutes remaining. Some good scoring options can’t be taken advantage of

In the end, fifth place in classification From the United States, the final was decided away. Claudia sadness Leona Iberdrola was named best player while Nerea Garcia He made his debut for the Spanish team.

Neria Garcia. Next Saturday at 1:30pm on the same stage, you will face Spain South Africawhich fell on the first day of this Four Nations Championship Canadawho played in the semi-finals of the last world championship.

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