Spain investigates Alhaurín de la Torre, a pass to the round of 16 of the U-17 Basketball World Cup

The team defeated the Dominican Republic at El Limón Pavilion and will face Canada in the next round on Wednesday, also in Alhaurín. The mayor witnessed the match and presented several towers as a gift to the federal authorities

Alhaurín de la Torre was once again the mascot of another great sporting event and brought the desired luck to the Spanish team in its third and final group stage match of the FIFA U-17 Basketball World Cup, which is taking place these days in the province of Malaga.

The El Limón wing, home of Groups A and B, hosted the national team’s youth victory over the Dominican Republic (73-55), sealing their place in the next round, the Round of 16, where Spain was Canada. It will also be measured with Alhaurín de la Torre’s place as the stage.

The meeting was attended by a representative of the municipal institution headed by Mayor Joaquín Vilanova and greeted and congratulated the organizers and the federal authorities. They were all satisfied with the good atmosphere and brilliance with which Elmon hosted first-round matches, including home team matches.

The match against Canada will be on Wednesday 6 July (four of the round of 16 matches will be in Alhaurín de la Torre and the other four in Marbella). Accompanied by sports advisor Maria del Mar Martinez, Vilanova, and a large group of government team members were able to enjoy the atmosphere and suite completely renovated for the occasion.

Shortly before that, a tower was awarded as a token of appreciation to the presidents of the associations participating in the tournament. Thus, both the mayor and mayor of sports introduced the International Basketball Federation (FIBA); Spanish Federation President Jorge Garbajosa; President of the Federation of the Dominican Republic, Rafael Uribe; And Andalusian Antonio de Torres.

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The Spanish team suffered a lot from defeating the Dominican Republic in the last game of the group stage of the FIFA U-17 Basketball World Cup 2022. The red team did not manage to open the match until the last quarter, where thanks to a great match, they distanced themselves in the mark and put the final score 73-55 .

The match started very tough for Spain, and our team quickly took advantage on the scoreboard thanks to a superb defense and a series of midfield steals allowing Spain to break eight points on the scoreboard, 12-4, when five minutes into the match had elapsed. The Dominican Republic, with a fast-passing match, wanted to get close, but the national team was still very good and increased their lead to 10 points in the second half, setting a brilliant 20-10.

The match resumed very complicated for Spain, but a hat-trick by A.Mary solved this erratic start to the fourth by Zamora’s team, the only positive note being the ability to catch rebounds, which helped the Caribbean team not to come close to the scoreboard . And keep this lead from 9-10 points. The red player did not develop his most beautiful match and the match went into a whirl of error after a mistake from both teams, however, Mary and Almansa supported our team, making them 13 ahead in the first half, 36-23.

After the start of the second half, a hat-trick from Farias and two losses in defense from Zamora’s men gave wings to a Dominican side who were making a great game and were standing in front of Spain, taking eight points with seven minutes left to reach the final quarter. . Excess errors and accuracy from the three-point streak by Carbuccia put Spain in jeopardy, but the combination of Mara and De Larrea prevented the Dominicans from getting too close, and kept their 11-point lead for our team seven minutes into the game. Third quarter.

The ocean was punishing Spain excessively and not letting them get away with themselves, while the Dominican Republic cut the score and clocked the score at 52-43 before the fourth quarter. Spain found the encouragement they needed in Langarita and thanks to two consecutive three-pointers five minutes from the end, gave the Reds a 16-point lead that made the score 64-48. The end of the match in Spain was amazing and thanks to their superb defense, coupled with accurate counter-attacks, they were able to open the match and put the final score 73-55.

With this result, Spain will face Canada, third in Group A, while in the case of the Dominican Republic it will face Serbia, second in Group A. We remind you that all World Cup matches are broadcast live on the YouTube channel of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

The best players of the match:

Engineer: Izan Al-Mansi. Played 21:48 minutes. 13 points, 7 points, 2AS.

RD: Rodrigo Aybar. 26:36 minutes of play. 16 points, 4 RB, 4AS.

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