SpaceX’s interplanetary spacecraft is closer to traveling to the Moon and Mars

He finally did it, Elon Musk did it, SpaceX did Successfully landed spacecraft prototype SN15. The giant spacecraft has tried this several times before, although only now with the SN15 prototype has it managed to overcome the main challenge in its evolution: to land in one piece again on the surface of the Earth.

After making a test flight at high altitude, Interplanetary ship As expected, he performed a horizontal drop maneuver after the motors were turned off. Just before hitting the ground, activate the motors and It stands upright for a quiet landing. Previously, other prototypes had failed this last step.

At the 10th minute you can see the landing:

Around The first prototype interplanetary spacecraft that managed to land safely After surviving a high-altitude flight. Also, it must be said, a small fire broke out near the base of the missile after the landing, although it was subsequently extinguished. According to a SpaceX engineer, “Nothing unusual with the amount of methane we carry.”

This successful landing A milestone for SpaceX, Which finally successfully launched its largest rocket ship. They had previously tried four prototypes, all of which ended up exploding in one way or the other Before landing Oh, okay Moments after doing so.

From Earth to the Moon and then to Mars

The Starship spacecraft is designed to be a completely reusable rocket system. Also, with the ability to carry a large crew and up to 100 tons of cargo to the Moon or Mars. Do not measure anything more, not less than 120 meters long and 9 meters high. But for now, it will be only half of what it will measure, and the other half will be a booster that will help it propel itself off the ground and then return to Earth.

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The idea? Travel to the moon and beyond. Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa Free draw on 8 places To accompany him to the moon on the future Elon Musk spacecraft? Dreaming of Elon Musk With a million people sent to Mars before 2050.

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