SpaceX’s first civilian space mission has already begun its investigations and its crew is “healthy and happy”

SpaceX said on its Twitter account this afternoon that the crew is “healthy, happy and resting comfortably” (Image: EFE)

The crew of the first space flight consisted of only four civilians, who started his journey on Wednesday from Florida (USA) aboard a SpaceX spacecraft, On his first day in space to investigate The effect of orbital flights on the human body.

SpaceX, the company responsible for this historic mission that opened the doors to private space travel, noted this afternoon on its Twitter account that The crew is “healthy, happy and resting comfortably.”

add that Before bed, “the crew members traveled 5.5 times around the Earth, completed their first round of scientific research and ate two meals.”

The company founded by Elon Musk stated that When they wake up today, the four crew members will “do additional research and take a first look at the dome” of the dragon capsule.

accurately, At dawn on Thursday, SpaceX published on the social network a short video taken from the Dragon Observation Dome and the Earth in the background.

The view from the dome of the SpaceX Dragon capsule
The view from the dome of the SpaceX Dragon capsule

“A few have come before and many are about to follow. The door is now open and it is amazing.”Billionaire Jared Isakman, the expedition leader who also bears all the expenses, admitted from inside the capsule on Wednesday.

On your mission to Three daysIsaac as well as the flight engineer Chris Sembrowski, medical assistant Hayley Arsino And the world and the educator Sian ProctorIt will conduct “research to enhance human health on Earth and during future long-duration spaceflights,” SpaceX noted.

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Nearly three hours after taking off on Wednesday night from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, the Dragon capsule reached a circular orbit of 585 kilometers in length. (about 360 miles) away from earth, over the International Space Station (ISS).

“Further than any other human spaceflight since the Hubble (space telescope) missions (540 km)”, According to SpaceX.

According to this afternoon’s report, The capsule continues in its intended orbit “up to 590 km above the Earth’s surface”.

More than 12 hours after the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket that put the spacecraft into space, the capsule is moving at more than 28,160 kilometers per hour (17,500 miles per hour), a speed that allows it to orbit the planet every 90 minutes.

This is how the civilian-led mission began (Photo: Reuters)
This is how the civilian-led mission began (Photo: Reuters)

On Thursday, the US media highlighted that In addition to being the first spaceflight without an astronaut on board, it is also the first flight with an African-American pilot (Proctor) and the youngest American to reach orbital space: Arsinoe, 29, a cancer survivor.

The four civilians received six months of training in zero-gravity maneuvers and They are also prepared for emergencies, spacecraft entry and exit exercises, and space suits, as well as partial and full mission simulations.

Inspiration4 is SpaceX’s fourth manned mission, But the former doesn’t transport professionally trained astronauts, and it also aims to raise $200 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

After take off on Wednesday, The reusable part of the Falcon 9 rocket landed a few minutes later on SpaceX’s “Just Read the Instructions” platform in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Dragon capsule is flexibility, NASA’s first astronaut mission traveled to the International Space Station in 2020 as a result of the program implemented via SpaceX, which ended a nine-year drought of launches from the United States since the end of the shuttle program in 2011.

The journey will end with the Dragon capsule falling into the Atlantic Ocean Off the coast of Florida with the help of an umbrella.

(with information from the EFE and AFP)

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