SpaceX is taking advantage of Hubble’s weakness to keep it in orbit

It was originally released in 1990 in a joint venture between a pot and the European Space Agencyhe Hubble Space Telescope It is one of the outstanding achievements of mankind. It’s been 33 years since it was put into orbit and it’s working Almost perfectly. But slowly out of orbit, and although the future plan is to dump it into the sea, some companies such as SpaceX They suggest keeping it active longer.

This telescope 593 km above sea levelwith a weight close to 11 tonsas tall as 13.2 meters long diameter 4.2 metres.


he have Four tools to obtain images and spectra, in addition to having three precision-guided sensors. The entire time it was in space, Hubble Five missions in serviceincluding a rescue by retired NASA technicians.

Hubble’s contribution to science is immeasurable, since it arrived Discover clues About the existence of black holes and take pictures of the comet Shoemaker Levi 9 and the Eagle, Keyhole, and Cat’s Eye nebulae, the Sombrero and Antennae galaxies, and NGC 6302.

But, hatching a plan to bring him aside, What are the suggestions for keeping it active?

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SpaceX’s plan: They want to keep it in orbit

Good with a space portalNASA has been approached by Momentus and Astroscale to work with the telescope. Your goal is to use a rocket and dock with the telescope Its orbit moved about 50 kilometers higher. Then clean everything up Orbital debris is present near Hubble.

The big problem with Momentus and Astroscale is that they require it It’s a great investmentwhich is likely to be NASA I don’t have enoughin full stage of flights Artemis.

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In addition, there Another suggestion From SpaceX, Elon Musk’s company, to put up the Hubble in a much higher orbitand work with Polaris softwareOwned by billionaire Jared Isaacman.

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What did the SpaceX authorities say?

in 2022, Jessica Jensena SpaceX executive noted that they, from the company, “will analyze Dragon’s capabilities and how they should be changed, to rendezvous with Hubble safely.”

Details exactly how to do it physically, how to do it safely from a track standpoint, That’s all that remains to be resolved.”Jensen added.

Hubble will be in orbit Until another 20 years. old telescope watching in spacewaiting to see what the authorities will do with him.

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