Space Jam 2: These are the NBA players who are in the movie

Space Jam: A New Legacy It will premiere on July 16th Fans can’t wait to see the remake of the classic animation on screen that will feature not only professional basketball player LeBron James, but other well-known faces in the sport as well. Here we leave you who they are.

1. Diana Taurasi

The 39-year-old Phoenix Mercury player appears in the trailer, near the end of it. Sports fans are excited to see the representation of WNBA players. Diana is considered one of the best players in history and has more than 20 championships in her career.

2. Damien Lillard

The 30-year-old Portlant Trail Blazard player will appear in the film as a robot. Lillard played his entire career with his team, so it’s practically a legend out there. He was named sixth in the 2012 NBA Draft by his team.

3. Anthony Davis

In real life, he is a teammate of LeBron in the Los Angeles LakersHowever, it appears that the 28-year-old will play a different role in the movie. In addition to playing for the United States national team, he was selected to play the NBA All Stars game.

4. Klay Thompson

The so-called “Big Smokey” of the Golden State Warrior will accompany his NBA teammates on the Looney Tunes. In the trailer, he is seen using his power of water and fire.

5. Nnemkadi Ogwumike

The 30-year-old WNBA star will be one of the women who will shine on the big screen. The talented athlete has been with the Los Angeles Sparks since 2012 And in 2016 she was crowned champion. She herself realized the value of appearing on tape.

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6. ¿Michael Jordan?

The former NBA star was the protagonist in the first installment, and thus fans are wondering if he’ll get some sort of appearance in the upcoming Space Jam. While the details of the surprise were not revealed, It is known that Michael Jordan was in the movieBut in the voice of the creators of the sequel, Not in the way you might expect. We’ll have to wait a little longer to see how the star returns to the moving universe.

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