South Park parody: This is how you win a video contest in the snow

Under the competitive cross section, the Whistler World Ski and Snowboard Festival awards 5 crews for 12 days to create a 4-6 minute winter sports shot in British Columbia (Canada), a snow paradise. 12 days to sign up and edit, which, if you know what that entails, you’ll understand is quite a time.

“Crossfire is an event that pushes winter sports crews to their limits, where the goal is to create a masterpiece that captures the beauty of skiing and snowboarding (and snowboarding) culture in a limited time.”Whistler World Ski and Snowboard Festival.

This year’s winners are an “off duty” crew with a parody of South Park and a mini skateboard vs snowmobile competition. They earned $10,000 for it.

data sheet:

Riders: Ryan Patterson, Jeff Brown, Kenan Filmer, Tyler Morton, Jordan Phillips, Craig Joylus.

in SnowmobilesCurtis Gage, Andy Meisner, Cody McNulty, Andrew Munster, Jared Erich, PJ Marco.

Filmers: Vanessa Chan, Elliot Dion, Craig Joylus, Rusty Ockenden and Off-duty Crew, with Braden Dean in FPV drone.

Graphic animation By Jeff Brown, who also designed Characters With Vanessa Chan it was written and produced script.

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