South Korea launched the first domestically made space rocket | Only six countries were able to launch one-tonne shipments with their own missiles

South Korea Launched the first home-made space rocket And so it became The tenth country in the world has the ability to develop and launch spacecraft. The authorities considered the launch “successful”, although the goal of putting a 1.5-ton cargo into orbit failed. The achievement comes amid tensions in the region over North Korea’s test of a new submarine-launched ballistic missile, the latest in a series of missile launches by Pyongyang.

The space launch vehicle 2, also called “Nuri”, took off from the launch station in Gohong Province, leaving behind a massive fire and sparking applause and celebrations at the South Korean control center. Although the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) initially confirmed that Nuri deployed a simulated 1.5-ton satellite into low Earth orbit when it reached an altitude of 700 km, the South Korean president, Moon Jae InHe later clarified that the device had not been properly disassembled from the third stage.

“Unfortunately We didn’t hit the target perfectly, but we did a great job on the first launchIn a statement to the media, Moon warned that the South Korean president was “proud” of what he achieved in this test and announced that another attempt was planned in May. With this in mind, he said:Countries that lead in space technology will lead the future. It’s not too late to do that.”

Country, Twelfth largest economy in the world with remarkable technological developments, he is sede de Samsung ElectronicsThe world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones and chips. however, He was always behind in spaceflight, which was started in 1957 by the then Soviet Union and was soon followed by the United States.

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In Asia, the countries with advanced space programs are China, Japan and India, While North Korea was the last to enter the chosen club One of the countries capable of launching their satellites. Ballistic missiles and space rockets use similar technologies, and Pyongyang put a 300-kilogram satellite into orbit in 2012, which Western countries condemned as a disguised missile test.

So far, only six countries, excluding North Korea, have been able to launch a one-ton payload with their own missiles. The three-stage missile was developed over a decade at a cost of 2 trillion won (more than $16,155 million). It weighs 200 tons, is 47.2 meters long, and has six liquid-fuel engines.

South Korea’s first two attempts to launch into spacethat partially used Russian technology, Failed in 2009 and 2010. In fact, the second exploded two minutes into the flight and caused a cross of blame between Seoul and Moscow. It finally succeeded with its launch in 2013, but for its first stage it relied on an engine developed by Russia.

Although more and more private companies are participating in satellite launches, one expert considered that Nuri’s success would have provided South Korea with huge potential. “Rockets are the only possible way to reach space.”, pointed out Lee Sang RyolDirector of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute for the newspaper Chosun Biz. “Having this technology means that we will fulfill the basic requirements to join this race of space exploration,” he added.

Thursday’s launch marks another step in South Korea’s ambitious space program. At an inspection of the Nouri missile in March, President Moon promised: “By 2030 we will achieve our goal of landing our probe on the moon”. South Korea also hopes to launch solid-fuel rockets starting in 2024, which will allow it to make more frequent launches that will help it improve its satellite network.

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