Sound: The first sounds ever recorded were released on Mars

During Monday’s press conference, NASA provided its first audio recordings with persistence microphones.

NASA is sharing this Monday first video It shows the moment his persistent rover touches down on Mars. What’s more, Has been published The first two audio recordings made by the mission.

The agency noted that “a microphone is connected to the rover (…) Lineage survived Very dynamic on the surface and get sounds from Jezero Crater on February 20 ‘

Now that you see Mars, listen to it. Grab some headphones and hear the first sounds captured by one of my microphones, “Mission of Perseverance posted on Twitter.

In the registry you hear “Mars breeze For a few seconds, just like the mechanical sounds of a rover running on the roof. “

Posted second audio capturedPlanet Sounds Rover Perseverance “was recorded on October 19, 2020 during an on-board examination of the aircraft’s camera and microphone system during its journey to the red planet.

In 2018, In InSightUsing a seismometer and an atmospheric pressure detector, I recorded vibrations of 16 to 24 kilometers per hour due to the winds of Mars. So NASA General Record these vibrations, as you can hear the sound of the wind on Mars.
Now, the Perseverance Microphone provided the first live audio recording of sounds from Mars.

NASA also published on Monday The first panoramic From the rover landing site, captured by two navigation cameras.

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