Sony says no to DualSense similar to McDonald’s

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Thanks to its design and color scheme, DualSense D Playstation 5 It’s been imagined in different versions, from the ones that would make us spend our money right away, to the most curious and insane ones. Perhaps within these ideas no one would have made the DualSense with the McDonald’s design, but the fast food chain itself was responsible for doing so and they made it a reality.

McDualSense McPromotion for McPlayStation 5

Last week, McDonald’s in Australia announced a special 50-year celebration of the chain in this country, which will award different prizes to fans through dynamics in different streams. There it turns out that one of the prizes will be 50 PS5 DualSense controllers with a design inspired by the series, yes, McDualSense was ready to be a reality and there will be 50 lucky players who will have one.

In front of you, the McDualSense

McDonald’s forgot to ask Sony for permission to give up McDualSense

Unfortunately, McDonald’s Australia forgot that they couldn’t create a McDualSense without asking permission and Sony was never notified of the promotion, nor of what they plan to do with the 50 DualSense that will be unique pieces. Results? Sony McDualSense did not, and in a statement, the network stated: “Sony PlayStation has not authorized the use of its control in promotional materials related to the proposed Stream Week event. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. The week that McDonald’s was sent has been postponed and Sony consoles will not be included. Playstation in the drawing.

In this way, it appears that McDualSense will not reach any player, although it is unknown if the chain actually has the controls in their possession for the checkout, in which case it would not be surprising if they will become collectibles in a few years. It could be worth a lot of money.

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