Sonic 2 The Movie opens in the US with better numbers than the first

It’s been over a week sonic 2 movie It was released in Spanish theaters, but in the United States it wasn’t released until Friday, April 8. His first appearance follows the line of the other regions and starts with the right foot, better than the first movie My voice. In Spain, for example, it became the most-watched movie in its premiere, with 10% more than the original story. right Now Limit It indicates that the Paramount and Sega sequel will enter between 23 and 25 million through Friday, with the potential to reach 60-65 million by the end of the week.

These expectations exceed data sonic movie In the first three days, when it brought in $ 58 million in the United States. Globally -with European Markets Week- It is expected to exceed 100 million. Media and viewership ratings are very positive: 68% on Rotten Tomatoes, A on CinemaScore -like first- with 87% positive reviews and 74% recommended on Comscore; In the case of children under 12 years of age, positive reviews rise to 95% and are recommended by 79%.

With this data, sonic 2 movie It’s the most watched these daysfollowed by MorbiusAnd lost cityAnd Ambulance By Michael Bay – Update this week- , Everything everywhere at once s Batman With Robert Pattinson as leader.

Plan his cinematic world

Story of the sonic 2 movie follow an idea Sonic 3, Sonic and Tails face off with an alliance of Robotnick and Knuckles. After arriving one The third film, already confirmed, the Knuckles series. The producer’s ambition goes further and talks about a cinematic world with Sonic and his cohorts; There are rumors of a spin-off movie starring Tails, and no one doubts it We’ll see more familiar faces from games on the big screen or on TV.

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