Some exercises to occupy our arms without using weights

With the situation we have seen in recent months, many people have chosen to train at home. This is the reason for the body’s action initiatives There are no tools Increased. Us this time We will stop at arms. Specifically in some of the methods of operating the muscles that make them up.

It is true that when training, always It is necessary to subject the muscles to resistance. The end of this resistance will be what will make us achieve its growth and development of fibers.

But It is not always possible to have dumbbells at homeNo machine to work like in the gym. So It is very good to know how to work the arm muscles at home.

When working without weight we can do this with a backpack to act as resistance, and it is imperative to train in an extremely focused and disciplined manner.

It is essential that when it comes to Training without loadsAnd the Let’s do a perfect, focused movement with each exercise. For this it is necessary to focus as much as possible on the working muscles. In this case it will be the biceps and the triceps.

To make both parts of the arm, Elbow movement is necessary, which will be the movement that allows the muscles to contract From the biceps and triceps segment. In this case, to affect the biceps, we must perform supine movements, and to work the triceps you will be under test.

Pronation movements are more likely to work without pregnancy than are supine movements. For this we will highlight Various ways to work the biceps are by lying down. We’ll do this by using a backpack as a tote. We will fill the backpack with books and water bottles … this way we achieve the resistance required to continue growing.

Biceps curl with different handles and resistance backpack

The backpack will be the tool we will use to perform the movements suitable for Target the biceps. First of all, we must know that we can hold it in three different ways to perform a traditional curl. First of all, we’ll start with a supine grip.

This grip method is the most popular, and it is Hand upHorizontally. When lifting the load, rotating the elbow, what we’re going to do is rotate the hand slightly outward. This way we will be able to affect the outside of the biceps.

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It is important when performing this movement, Part of the arm is affixed to the torso. In this way, we will have a greater focus on the muscles to be worked and avoid transferring the tension to other parts such as the elbow.

When working with biceps exercises, we can position the hands in various ways, a reclining fist, a pronated fist, or a neutral fist, to make an entire part of the entire arm.

Another way to do a bicep exercise is With a fist in the mouth. The method of carrying this backpack will be with the palm facing down parallel to the floor. With this fist, what we will achieve is stimulate the muscle a lot more and thus improve its shape.

The movement when performing the curl in this way will be the same, and the elbows will only function in the performance of up and down, and The arm will be fully attached to the torsoIn order to focus as much as possible on the muscles we want to work with.

It is true that when using the fist to pronate, The burden we will be able to handle is less, Because it’s an exercise that isolates the biceps a lot, since the forearm muscles don’t interfere much. For this, it is necessary to reduce the load on the backpack, and thus be able to perform the movement perfectly.

Finally we will stop at Neutral grip, Which consists of raising the palms of the hands vertically. This will allow us to work the biceps, focusing on the upper part of the forearm.

Investigation roll It’s the same as we described above, since then Every movement should be focused and it is important that when going up and down, we carry out each stage slowly In order not to lose muscle tension at work. This way, even if we don’t have dumbbells, we will achieve perfect development of the biceps on all levels.

Diamond curls for the triceps muscles

The Triceps operate It allows us more differences, and at the beginning, we’ll highlight Diamond push-ups. It is known this way because the position of the hands differs from traditional push-ups. We will put the hands together, as in the middle of the chest, and make a kind of diamond with the fingers of the two hands.

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We’ll keep the rest of the body straight, Leaning only on the tips of the feet. If we can’t do it this way, the simpler alternative is to rest the knees on the floor to support less body weight. Let’s not forget that the resistance in this case is our weight, which is what we have to overcome with muscles.

Diamond pushups feature diamond-shaped hands, which will focus the tension on the triceps muscle.

To do this, we will simply start from the ground and lift the body by stimulating the triceps muscle. This is due to the position of the hands, which, together in the middle, causes all the tension in these muscles to be concentrated.. If we are used to working with traditional push-ups, it may be uncomfortable at first, so it is a good idea to adapt to the movement by resting our knees on the floor, then moving to do this only on the tips of the feet.

Three-Headed Chair

Another exercise we want to highlight when it comes to The work of the triceps muscle His lTraditional funds. Only this time we will have them recline in a chair, which will act as a bench for lifting and lowering and thus be able to focus all the tension on the muscles that are working.

That’s why we’re going to put our back on the chair. The palms of the hands should be on the edge of the chair The other point of support will be the heel of the feetThat will be down to earth. The arms should be brought back, slightly bent at the elbows, which will also be at the back.

It is important to bring the arms back to focus the tension on the triceps as much as possible.

Starting with this position, what we will do is lift our bodies and perform Controlling the descent of the body by stimulating the triceps muscles. This part of the arms will be the part that will handle all the tension of the exercise. For this, it is imperative that we keep our arms back and not separate them laterally, because in this way we will deflect the tension and reduce the injury to the working muscles.

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Triceps Bridge

As a third alternative to work The triceps muscle Without dumbbells, we’d stop at the exercise known as Triceps bridge. For this we will only need our bodies, which we will be positioning face up, supported only by the heels of the feet, arms back and supported by the palms of the hands.

In this position We’ll be facing up, making sure the head is facing forward without bending the neck At the height of the cervix. With your palms on the floor, your elbows will be pulled back, so we can focus all of the tension on your triceps.

Arms position is essential, while the body is facing up to elevate it through the movement of the triceps muscle.

What we’re going to do is keep the body as straight as possible It rises by the action of the triceps muscle. So, what we’re going to do is do a simple movement in which the elbow is involved by bending in order to lift the body off the ground. It is important to focus all the tension on the part that has been worked on, and although the movement is not very deep, we can feel it during the entire moment of activity.

These exercises will help us with that for work Weapons at home. It is important to take care and focus on the part that has been worked on. It’s something we’ve repeated a lot during the post, but it’s important, because when training arms, if we don’t pay attention to this that much, it’s easy to shift the tension to other parts of the body.

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