Some EA Sports FC players are very angry with the new game due to “cuts” to the career mode. Items that were present in previous deliveries are missing – EA Sports FC 24

Electronic Arts’ new soccer title has left players most interested in the more interesting “single player” mode

There have been very positive modifications in the new one EA Sports Club That left players satisfied. However, the change in one of the game modes that is most important to a part of the community has caused controversy. It is unknown if this is a bug related to the early access period or a paid permanent change Electronic Artsbut the career mode lost some of it Pre-match cinematics. The change has been criticized by the community most devoted to the mod because it is an essential component of players’ immersion.

Players are asking for solutions for EA Sports FC 24

The error appears when playing career mode, although when starting a quick match we can also see that the infographic showing the starting lineup of the team disappears. This animation It’s only in Ultimate Team now. In general, in this online mode, the way formations are displayed differs from the rest of the game modes in the title. In this sense, it does not provide us with the information necessary to get to the bottom of the matter.

Players’ pessimism is fueled by Epic Mode. Although we gave EA Sports FC our seal of recommendation and the game does include some Promising improvements to career modeThe truth is We would have liked more ambition. We positively appreciate additions such as the new system for assistant coaches (manager’s profession) or the agent system (player’s profession). However, we also ask you to work further on your playing rules, negotiation requirements or the progression of young players.

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We’ve tried contacting Electronic Arts to see if this is a final decision, a situation that will only affect Early Access or a software bug in the video game. However, we have not received a response yet. Taking into account the advertisements disclosed Improvements to the match experience, We think it’s wrong. In any case, we will keep this content updated in case the company issues an official statement through its representatives or clarifies the situation via social media. Even then, although you can criticize the referee, it is best not to jump to conclusions.

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