Solo en Off: The hawk who said “no” and left Patricia Bullrich’s chat

Much has been said in recent days about the inner movements of the macrismo, with the hidden rift between them Horacio Rodriguez Laretta and Patricia Bullrich To run for president, as many see the former president Mauricio Macri.

During the week MP Waldo Wolf, known for his outspoken opposition to the government, came out to deny that he had moved from the ranks of the Bulls to Larismo. “I am not from Patricia nor am I from anyone, I am from Pro and Together for Change. That is why I did not go with anyone,” Wolff went out to explain in various media outlets, as he sought to be safe from internal discord.

In any case, those who saw a “gesture” from Wolf were members of a Buenos Aires leaders’ chat regarding the former Minister of Security, which is where the deputy had left a few days earlier. “I’ve been feeling uncomfortable for a long time with some of the things that have been said here‘, the Vice-President of Buenos Aires would have written, more or less, words in his diplomatic farewell.

Luis Brandoni, Patricia Bullrich, Waldo Wolf and Fernando Iglesias

According to members of that group who were unable to keep this information in reserve, Wolff’s gesture would show that something had happened between Wolff and Bullrich, or at least with leaders close to the Pro boss at the national level. “Patricia wanted Waldo to launch himself in the capital as her candidate. He told him that he had to think about it, that the time had not yet come and that he had not decided to advance, “according to sources familiar with the reserved dialogue.

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From the Pro, they also mentioned that the already proven candidate from macrismo to succeed Rodríguez Larreta is no less than Jorge MacriMinister of the Government of Buenos Aires and the main person responsible for integrating Wolff into politics and the ranks of the professionals, in 2015. “They ask Wolff to confront Macri, and on top of that person who made him enter the lists of representatives,” explained, understandably, a representative leader of the macrismo, who does not Still denying the rip.

While everything indicates that bullying by the leaders will continue, Larretismo celebrated by taking a photo at Villa 31 of Rodríguez Larreta with Luis Juez of Cordoba and Eugene BurzacoBulrich’s former second-in-command in the Ministry of Security, who has been promoted by various sectors as a candidate for mayor of Bariloche, where he resides.

Everyone’s Front Government’s anxiety, with political instability and rampant inflation, prompted many radicals to question its whereabouts. John Paul BaylacFernando de la Rua’s last Casa Rosada spokesperson and “crisis expert” as speaker in 2001.

De la Rua, accompanied by Bilac (left)
De la Rua, accompanied by Bilac (left)

Based in his hometown of Bahía Blanca, and active in various activities of the local UCR, Baylac shared this weekend with many followers of faiths. A rather bleak prediction about the economic and political future of the Frente de Todos. He even wrote his thoughts down in a tweet, under a newspaper copy from 1948, announcing restrictions on buying dollars. “They managed to apply anything new. The damage was done before. In 1948 there was no foreign currency for foreign trips. Vernacular populists always find and apply old ideas,” wrote Baylak, who also left his actions safe. He asserted that “I have not mistreated any journalist” these days when the president and his close collaborators criticize the press.

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During this week, leaders of the Trotskyist Left were part of an international delegation to protest against the Sandinista government Daniel Ortega He was re-elected last November, while his main opponents were imprisoned in the regime’s prisons or exiled so as not to suffer further harm.

Velma Ripoll and Luciana Echeverria march to Congress against the IMF
Velma Ripoll and Luciana Echeverria march to Congress against the IMFGerardo Verkovic

The legislator in Buenos Aires Alexandrina Barry (PTS) And the husband of Cordoba Luciana Echeverria (MST) They were part of the delegation that attempted to cross into Nicaragua from Costa Rica to achieve the release of political prisoners from Ortega’s “tyranny.” The extraordinary left protest against a government that in theory expresses similar political and ideological guidelines, applauded by Paula Bertol, former ambassador to the Organization of American States of the Cambiemos government and leader of Pro. “I am glad that a delegation of left-wing politicians is visiting Nicaragua and speaking with the relatives of political prisoners. “Human rights don’t have an ideology,” said Bertoll, who called Barry to congratulate her on the initiative.

It was a crowded celebration of United States independence in the middle of the opulent Palacio Bush when the Chief of Staff, John ManzorI entered to greet the ambassador, the ambassador Mark Stanleyand becomes the only member of the National Council of Ministers to attend the meeting.

Smiling and friendly, the Chief of Staff was escorted to the elevator with the Governor of Catamarca, Raoul Jalilwith whoever arrived there, so as not to have to stand in line to greet the head of the diplomatic delegation.

Juan Manzoor and US Ambassador Mark Stanley
Juan Manzoor and US Ambassador Mark Stanley

Between jokes with Jalil – who “is going up,” he said to him, because of the exploitation of lithium reserves in that northern province – neither Mansour nor his interlocutor noticed who followed him in line.

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By chance, by the way, he wanted to appear behind him Diego Gellarthe former ambassador to Washington and staunch opponent of the Pro de Todos, who exchanged some casual words with them while the elevator delayed his arrival.

.Gerardo Verkovic – The Nation

The good morals between the ruling party and the opposition, which included some talk without broaching harsh topics, had limits: While Mansour and Jalil rode the elevator with the embassy staff, Gellar had to stay outside waiting for a new opportunity.. Gellar, who was also an ambassador to China, finished waiting for his turn to go up to the first floor, where the ceremonies were taking place, laughing: “You can see that I am a dangerous opponent!”

That evening with 1500 guests the Israeli ambassador, Galette Roninwho will leave the country on July 24 to make way for his successor, Eyal Sila. “I will leave on the 24th and my Khalifi will arrive on the 28th,” they identified near the ambassador, who also spoke with the chief of staff during the secret meeting.

With good relations with the Jewish community, Mansour met the rabbi Alexandre Avroukh, who was late for a meeting with him at Casa Rosada and received an unexpected prize. “Come home to eat at night,” Mansour, a diplomat like few in a government in crisis told him.

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