Solar storm: the phenomenon that affects the Earth and its consequences

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA Solar Storm Effect. It is a phenomenon that has occurred since the early hours of Tuesday.

Which consists? What can happen on Earth when a solar storm occurs? What are its consequences? These are some of the questions that arise.

Scientific Tamitha Skovacalled the Space Weather Woman, describes this glow phenomenon as snake-shaped filaments coming from the sun.

Skov comments that the main consequences of this “direct hit” would be interference with radio signals and the Global Positioning System (GPS). It can damage the satellites we use for communications and navigation, and it can disrupt power grids.

Signal interruptions can also occur, especially on the night side of our planet. Another effect caused by these solar storms is the appearance of the aurora borealis.

The The aurora borealis is a phenomenon in the form of luminescence that occurs when there is an interaction between the particles emitted by the sun With the concentration of atmospheric particles at an altitude of 95-750 km, an area where there is sufficient atmospheric density.

In addition, this must be taken into account During a geomagnetic storm, explosions known as flares occur.which sends tons of energy into space at the speed of light and can sometimes be accompanied by solar flares.

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a) yes, Radiation from solar storms can cause power outages on Earth It is also dangerous to astronauts in space.

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