Sol Pérez did a deep squat with her back as narrow as ever

Saul Perez just got back from vacation In ParadiseWhere she enjoyed the sun and the sea with her future husband, Guido Mazzoni. The journalist made her happy Almost 6 and a half million followers with their photos and videos from Punta Cana, but he never neglected his training.

Even though she was on vacation, Seol would go to the gym every day. Upon his return, it was one of the first activities he resumed, to keep him strong and healthy as he navigated his webs.

Sol Perez

in their stories, Show Sol a preview of going to the gym She explained that she was very relieved Happy with the clothes she chose to go to training and proudly wore them by uploading different videos on her networks. “I loved this look you put it togetherHe captioned the bottom of a photo he uploaded of his living room.

Then he showed part of his training. But one exercise in particular is causing a stir in their networksas her legs turned and her back was marked like never before.

This is a deep squat on the sideswith which Seol not only showed that he had very good technique, but also He kept all eyes of his fans For the good results of this much discipline and dedication.

Saul Perez hunched over at the gym and his back was on the front page

Sol Perez He is a model and a character One of the well-known social networks in the fitness world Argentina. In one of his recent posts on instagramco a video in which she was seen performing An intense workout routineWhich impressed many of his followers.

with a group of Leggings and top in pinkAnd sun She shows off her gorgeous figure, revealing it Sensual buttocks while performing high intensity exercises.

In addition to sharing his training, The sun also gives advice and recommendations on nutrition and exercise on their social networks. She believes in the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle, and has used her influence to encourage her followers to take steps to improve their well-being and take care of their bodies.

The pink mini bikini that Sol Perez wore surprised her fans
With a pink mini bikini, Sol Pérez has paralyzed the web
The model was surprised by the size of her buttocks.
Saul Perez’s post that made the networks vibrate.
Saul Perez is fascinated by his shoes

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