So you can share apps with another cell phone that has no internet

The Google Play Store platform allows you to submit apps and updates without using an internet connection. (9to5Google)

Although one of the properties cell phone that have a connection bluetooth Is the ability to share files with other devices nearby, and this is not limited to only documentsphotos or videos, but can also be used for sharing Applications complete.

This job titledShare appsIt can be done from the store google play store, And it allows you to select any application available on the sender’s cell phone and send it to be automatically downloaded to someone else’s cell phone, who will be the recipient. This feature does not take advantage of the connection Wifi which are associated with these devices (although they also work this way), but you can also use pairing bluetooth.

To do this, the user who sends a file Information You will need to do the following steps:

Enter the application Google Play Store.

Click on the user’s profile picture at the top right of the screen.

In the list of options, click on the one with the name Device and Application Manager.

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Google Play allows you to share apps from a cell phone using a Bluetooth connection. (Infobae)

– Select the option “Send” or “Receive” applications in the section Share apps in the Overview tab.

– This section will provide a complete list of all files installed applications On the cell phone, but only those that are free. Those downloaded by payment will not be included.

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– Click on the arrow-shaped “Send” button located in the upper right part of the screen.

– A dropdown menu will open in which you can find a list paired devices. Select the person you want to share a file with Information.

– The recipient’s cell phone will activate a screen showing the connection process and a four-digit link code will be provided. This should be shared with the issuer to indicate that the bonding between both devices.

sending process data And facility On the second device, it will automatically continue its route as if it were done directly from the Google Play Store. time download will depend on communication This is used. This method allows new applications or available updates to be installed only if the sender device has a bad connection Wifi Or you ran out of mobile data.

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In the case of the iPhone, the sharing of applications is more exclusive and is not done with any device, but with the accounts of other people who must necessarily be included in the user’s family group. That’s because Family Sharing not only shares these programs, but also music, movies, storage space, and family albums, among other common aspects of an Apple account.

Apple allows apps to be shared between linked accounts, but they must belong to the same family. (Apple Insider)

The devices themselves will not be linked, as there is no limit to screens It doesn’t necessarily have to be Cell phones, however Access to computers and tablets can be allowed. Everyone’s accounts will have access to the app’s sharing functionality. To do this, you must perform the following steps:

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Enter the applicationsession” in it iPhone.

– Click on the username to enter the account menu and click on the “Configure” option family involvement

– Press the “Start” button to continue the process.

– After confirming the personal data, you must choose the content you want to share. For practical purposes, you can select the option that says “Apple Music and the App Store“.

Confirm the shared payment method. Other members will not be able to make unauthorized purchases or view that information.

– push the button “Call relativesThis will allow up to six direct messages to be sent with a link to family group.

Apple allows apps to be shared between linked accounts, but they must belong to the same family. (Apple Insider)

– Recipients will be able to click the link and enter this shared space into a file clouds.

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Once both accounts are linked and the type of content to be shared is configured in either case, users will be able to revisit the Settings menu and then select the type of content they wish to visit. If you select a department Apple Music and the App StoreFamily members will be able to see which apps have been downloaded to other devices and download them themselves.

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