So you can improve WiFi reception by using another antenna

To have a better internet speed when we connect wirelessly, the receiver we use is key. We must use a guarantee that works well and can provide us with good quality. Now, sometimes we can improve on what we already have and won’t need to buy a new one. This will not always be possible, but there are cases when it is possible. In this article we will talk about it Why change the antenna to a Wi-Fi receiver It can be very useful.

Changing the antenna can improve your Wi-Fi connection

If you have usb wifi receiverThe normal thing is that it has an external antenna. It is also brought in by some internal callers on desktop computers. Having one type or another of antennas can be crucial to coverage and the ability to get more power. Changing the hardware that comes from the factory can be interesting.

However, you can only change it if it already has an antenna and it can also be removed and secured RP-SMA, a kind of thread. You will mainly be able to do this in USB Wi-Fi adapters, but also in PCI cards that do not have a built-in antenna, but can be replaced.

In many cases, external Wi-Fi adapters come with a small antenna, enough to connect to the network wirelessly if we are not too far away. But this may not be enough if we move away a bit or want more power to be able to connect to the network without problems.

This will allow to improve your wireless network. You will be able to have better speed, lower cuts, and you will also be able to connect more devices without problems. Now, it is essential that the antenna you actually buy improves on the one you already have. Should watch db What does this antenna have? The most the best.

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Additional Tips for Optimizing Wi-Fi

But changing the antenna of the Wi-Fi adapter will not do miracles to improve the connection so much. Yes, it is true that it can help you to a great extent, but other problems must be identified and resolved. This way you will be able to better connect to the network and you will not have restrictions when browsing.

It is important that you get good coverage and this is something you can also improve from the router itself. For example, it is important that you locate the device well, so that it is in a file central place From home, it can distribute the signal well to the rest of the devices that you are going to connect.

You can also improve your Wi-Fi Through other devices. For example, use a wireless repeater, mesh system, or PLCs. In all of these cases you will be able to move the connection from one point to another in the house and you will not have to connect devices directly to the router.

In addition, the devices you use to communicate should be as ready to receive the signal as possible. Should system update, so that there is no problem and you can use the latest resources. Also, update your network adapter drivers, so you can correct any problems that may exist.

In short, as you can see, changing the antennas of a Wi-Fi adapter can help a lot in improving coverage and You have a better connection. However, this will not do miracles and you may always have to opt for other changes to get a better wireless network at home.

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