So I got my money back through paypal

Among the available options, one of the most popular and widely used online payment platforms is PayPal. There are many advantages that we find when using this online service that allows us to not have to enter our bank details on every purchase, as well as avoid frauds.

Many of you probably know firsthand that here we find a platform that allows us to pay, send money and receive payments directly. It is clear that for all this we have to link an account or a bank card, for this we only need to enter Credentials who is this Financial Broker. In this way, for all those who are worried, even at this point, of entering their bank details on certain websites, this is more than a convenient solution.

In turn, another major benefit it gives us is that it is responsible for resolving potential issues we encounter when sending or receiving payments. Hence, many define it as a secure platform for this type of online shopping and sales task. It should be borne in mind that it is present in a large number of countries and is used by hundreds of millions of people. We must add that the platform offers us some interesting things Safety FeaturesHence the trust that many place in PayPal.

So much so that if we have any problem when making or receiving a payment through this platform, we always have the possibility to make a claim. It is worth noting that there are several reasons for making such a claim. The most common is that We did not receive the paid productwe receive something else, or Store disappeared.

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How to Claim Payments in PayPal

Whatever the reason for that, the platform we are talking about, PayPal, provides us with insurance that we can take advantage of Submit a claim referred. It is worth noting that the first thing we can do in this regard is to file a lawsuit. Obviously, for all this, the first thing we must do is access a file official web From internet browser And enter our credentials to access the account.

At the top of the main window we find a section called Playing sports. At that moment on the screen we can see the latest movements, that is, the most recent payments sent and received. Therefore, we just have to search for the person we want to claim and click on it. Then we will meet each Details of this movement on the PayPal platform.

When you click on the corresponding entry, all the details of the same selected transaction will appear. At this time we will have to go to the bottom of it until we find Link Who reads report a problem.

Report a problem

This will give us access to the secure payment system solution center. From there we find the button that reads Report a problem to PayPal. At that moment, we will see a list that the platform provides us with potential issues that we have to report on the nature of this matter. Thus, we will no longer have to choose one and follow the on-screen wizard to make the corresponding prompt.

Paypal claim

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