Slap Fight: The Unusual (and Brutal) Slap Fight Gaining Space in the US | The competition will also reach Latin America

When you think of contact sports, the first thing that comes to mind is boxing, judo, taekwondo or mixed martial arts, but you would never think of Slap fight. However, this practice, which has begun to gain popularity in recent times – with its origin in Russia and its later extension to the United States – It is betting that it will become an important competition and its first tournament will be held in Latin America.

Slap Fight (or Slap Fight, with its English name) surprises because of the coarseness of the blows and their consequences on the faces of the opponents, who tend to stagger and even collapse before the “schiavo” (as the Italian immigrants used to say).

Without stage, protection or gloves: A simple table separates the opponents, who take turns delivering powerful blows to the cheeks.

In 2019, the first World Slap Championship was held in Russia: The winner, Vasily Kamutsky, weighing 142 kilograms, received 30,000 rubles (about 450 euros) as a prize.

strongly trending videos in networks, This practice went beyond the Iron Curtain and reached the United States, It soon became apparent that it could be a fertile ground for business. Before, it had also taken root in countries such as Poland and Romania.

In this sense, in October 2022, the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) approved slapping fighting as a sport, and issued a mandate for it so that evenings similar to those of boxing or MMA could be held.

With this step, the mathematical rules are established: A coin toss determines who gives the first slap; Only strikes with an open hand are allowed; Whoever gets slapped has 30 seconds to recover.

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“It’s the ultimate test of endurance,” was the definition of pole vaulter Dana White, owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Power Slam, the company with which he organizes slap fights. But, as in boxing, there are different federations and associations, so the work is divided between different players.

These duels are not restricted to male opponents, but rather Women also got involved in this sport.

But if social media fanaticism wasn’t enough, the spread of the practice has been supported by sports figures (and the media) such as bodybuilder, actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose slap fight included in the 2022 version of the famous movie. “Arnold Sports Festival”; Russian influencer Hasbulla and actor Mark Wahlberg have been part of the promotion for some of the fights; And former boxer Mike Tyson, who attended an evening a few days ago and posted it on his social media.

Questions are the order of the day by those who consider it not a sport, but nonetheless Winning the Slap Battle Ground (and Dollars): Now Seeking Land in Latin America Colombia will be the first test of the region, as announced by SlapFIGHT Championship.

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