Sky dyed red: What disturbing phenomenon has caused fear in China?

A remarkable and alarming situation that surprised the residents of the city ZhoushanChina, over the past weekend, when The sky was dyed red and fear was generated among the residents.

The strange phenomenon has become one of the main topics covered on social media, with neighbors sharing photos while trying Find explanations about what was happening.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. It really amazes me that the sky can turn red,” one resident commented.

Due to the lack of knowledge of what was happening, many citizens interpreted this phenomenon as a A sign associated with the COVID-19 pandemic And he bought food and other supplies to store them in the event of a new confinement, according to local media such as afternoon times. Even others were afraid to be A harbinger of a major earthquake or tsunami.

Why did the sky turn red in China?

To clarify what this phenomenon is, employees of the Meteorological Bureau in Zhoushan denied the versions that called it a harbinger of disaster.

“When the weather is good, a More water in the atmosphere forms aerosols that refract and scatter light from fishing boatscreating the red sky that the audience sees, ”explained the professionals.

Not only because of the light from the ships, but also because of a series of weather conditions, such as thick fog and mist, which refracted the red light coming from China Aquatic Products Zhoushan Marine Fisheries Co., a well-known well-known fishing vessel.

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