Six days in Fallujah are not seeking to recruit people for the US Army, Victora insists

The war game has re-emerged after 11 years of silence and will be a reality.

This week we have witnessed one of the great surprises of late. The Military tactical shooter Six days in Fallujah He reappeared after a long period of silence and will come out at some point 2021If all goes well. This game, originally intended to be made by Konami, was created by former Bungie employees who formed the studio. Victora.

This return to life brought with it a debate That actually happened when the video game was first announced. Keep in mind that the title is inspired by the second Battle of Fallujah in 2004 that took place during Iraq war. Therefore, a lot of people are aware of how the game handles this Historical fact, Although concerns may be somewhat excessive.

The United States government did not intervene

Imagen de Six Days in Fallujah

Obviously, one of the game’s criticisms is that it can be used as Advertising tool From the United States government. On the game’s official page, Victura has shared a Short instructions To clarify some issues. It is remarkable, for example, that the study must clarify that this video game It will not be used to recruit people For the US Army

“EE government. Do not share In creating the game, There are no plans To use it for him Recruitment. Iraqi Marines, soldiers and civilians helped us as citizens, and it was the game Finance independentlyThe study explained. She also made it clear that we would not run any insurgents, and we would not always be American. In fact, on some missions we will be An unarmed Iraqi civilian.

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Victora Ha Tindo sensitivity When faced with the project: “We will not rebuild The death of a certain party Duty during the match without permission from his family. Instead, the Marines and soldiers described the sacrifices of their teammates during video interviews, “said the study, which she knows should be careful about the matter.

Moreover, it is part of Benefits Of the game he would be appreciated to help Affected by these conflicts: “A portion of the proceeds will be donated Organizations Support alliance service members. […] Our focus will be on those to whom conventional relief efforts have not yet reached. Marines, soldiers and civilians who helped us create the game You will be deeply involved Towards these donations. “

Six days: objetivo, 2021

Imagen de Six Days in Fallujah

In the same post, the study demonstrates once again that Targeting Is the launch of this year’s video game Playstation 4And the PlayStation 5And the Xbox OneAnd the Xbox SAnd the Xbox X Series And a computer. If you want to be up to date with everything that is known about this game Action and shooting, We recommend that you review the article yet Announcing its next release.

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