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Only face to face. Only one of the EFI Expo boards was held in a hybrid format (virtual face-to-face) from the exchange.

Reflection on the direction of the economy, professional diagnosis, discussion of development ideas, the impact of policy on economic outcomes, and social constraints are essential elements on the path to building sustainable growth.

This is what has been suggested for years Expo EFI Week, the annual event that brings together the most important leaders of political and economic sciences at the national level. The meeting takes place with the Argentine Economic Conference, where prominent consultants, analysts and professionals from Argentina and the world present their vision of the current context and their expectations about the near future.

As with any activity, the outbreak of the pandemic has disrupted the dynamics with which the exhibition has historically been carried out.

Since 2020, the event has been held virtually, and during the week that has just ended, a new edition of Expo EFI Week has been held online, the fourth in virtual form, and the second in 2021. Between November 23 and 26, speakers such as Claudio Zucowicki, Augusto Dargett, Jose Maria Vanelli, Marina del Pogetto, Jose Pano, and Ricardo Ariazzo, among others, presented their views.

The first day started with the “International Economy and Markets” committee, which dealt with the most important aspects of the global economy and politics to consolidate the foundations of good investment. The High US inflation, negative rates, post-pandemic recovery, Fed future In particular, the influence of the global context in Argentina are aspects that cannot be ignored when looking for a value guarantee that is profitable.

“We are facing a low growth trap, macroeconomic imbalances, and a difficult political economy.”

Jose Maria Vanelli – Economist

The presentation was coordinated by financial specialist Claudio Zuchowski and included the participation of Eco Go Consultores CEO Marina Dal Pogetto, and economist and former director of Ámbito Financiero José Siaba Serrate.

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“The world is developing and posing huge challenges ahead. Inflation has accelerated in developed countries as a counterpart to central bank expansion in the event of a pandemic And the high level of indebtedness,” Dal Poggetto noted, stressing that “low rates while the economy is not growing significantly allows debt sustainability and they are inflating the bubbles.”

Domestically, regarding the impact of the economic context on Argentine economic policy, Ciaba Serrat emphasized that the decline in emerging countries’ assets occurred when President Joe Biden confirmed Jerome Powell as Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

In this sense, Dal Poggetto stressed that although Argentina is “off the radar” The world “still gives opportunities,” although he cautioned that the country’s main problem is negotiating debt with the International Monetary Fund.

During the second day, the investment committee focused on the best alternatives to the portfolio, in an unstable and unpredictable global context such as the one left behind by the pandemic. In this regard, Director of Research at Invertir On Line (IOL), José Ignacio Bano, noted that in the scenario of inflation in the United States above 2% and before the closing announced by the Federal Reserve (FED), The best thing is “Investment in Actions – Variable Income – Fixed Income”.
In this sense, Balanz Captal’s head of strategy, Ezequiel Zambaglione, emphasized: “In these contexts of global growth and inflation concerns, the behavior of US stocks is more protective than that of emerging countries due to risk premiums.”

Reflection, diagnosis and perspectives. This is what Expo EFI Week proposes to present each year, with analysis of the most famous specialists.

Lucas Gardiner, Director of Personal Portfolio Investments (PPI), distinguished himself and noted that placing a percentage of assets in Brazil or China might be an “interesting” proposition.
On the third day, the session devoted to “Macroeconomic Situation and Prospects” was held, with presentations by Ricardo Ariazzo, Jose Maria Vanelli and Marcos Buscaglia.

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“We are facing a low growth trap, macroeconomic imbalances, and a difficult political economy,” Vanelli explained. The scenario we are facing is not one of stagflation, it is one of instability with unsustainable depression and taxation. It is a state of instability with sinking and poverty of a product.”added.
The presentation highlighted the series of structural imbalances that constitute a recurring critical cycle of the economy.

The event culminated on the fourth day with a seminar for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies, a presentation on decentralized finance, and the presentation of the book “Freedom Revolution” by Diego Giacomeni.

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