Singer Urbano O’Pride presents the song “Addict”

Santo Domingo.

Young urban music singer and composer Obreidy Obre has achieved another success in his music career, after submitting his new proposal, “Addicted,” under the label 24/7 Records. He is available on all digital platforms and on his YouTube channel.

Al-Abridi asserts that in this new phase of his artistic life, his goal is to communicate directly with the feeling and reality experienced by the audience day in and day out and that the “addict” is a reflection of that.

In the same sense, the artist highlights that “Addicted” is a composition inspired by the relationships of couples who live honestly and with the soul, and at the same time, highlights that the subject meets all standards in terms of quality of content, because it is words for everyone’s consumption.

The single “Addicted” conveys new musical colors as the R&B genre prevails, accompanied by the artist’s catchy voice. It also has an audiovisual that manages to position itself on social platforms in an organic way, deeply penetrating the tastes of citizens from different countries such as: the United States, Mexico; Germany, Sydney, Australia, United Kingdom, among other countries.

Urban Music Advocate is also a producer and organizer of various important music projects and has extensive experience dealing with the fusion of musical rhythms, such as hip hop, electro dance and merengue.

Al-Abridi, from a young age, was passionate about music, instrumentation and songwriting and his first song was recorded in a home studio at the age of 13. But her notoriety didn’t spread until mid-2017 after the production of the songs “¿Mom Where Are You?” , “My darling, my darling”, “She believes”; “La Rama” “Bellaqueo”, among other results, reached huge numbers of views on the YouTube platform.

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Learn more about Obreidy through his various social channels such as Obreidy Obre.

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