SimpleRoot de Chile USA and Canada with new agreement with Walmart -2022

Latin American startups have a knack for disrupting old business practices. With foreign capital investment reserved in the region for 2021, more capital is now flowing in than ever before to tackle the many problems plaguing the last-mile delivery sector from the Rio Grande to Patagonia.

In a region where many delivery companies still rely primarily on pen and paper, AI is now being used to solve problems that have plagued businesses for decades. The Chilean startup sought to solve the problem using emergency services software that was originally developed to help reduce the response time of firefighting vehicles to an ongoing problem. The results were pretty impressive, to say the least.

Arrive on time

I started on SimpliRoute As a university project, through the use of path optimization algorithms, fire response units helped save 1,400 lives, reducing response time by 40%.

Founder and CEO of SimpliRoute, Alvaro Echevarria They explained the theory behind the technology and the challenges they faced working with fire stations to develop the app. “We found that most emergency trips depended on the experience of drivers to choose the route, and those routes were often not the most efficient,” Echevarria said. And, “We know this rest can also be applied to other sectors. We’ve seen the potential to integrate AI into a wide range of industries, reduce travel times and make a real impact on one of the world’s most polluting industries.”

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Echevarría has chosen to focus on developing last-stage delivery companies in Latin America, a slow and inefficient sector plagued by manual and motorized operations that rely on routine routes from point A to point B. SimpliRoute’s vanguard has resulted in better immediate results. By 2021, the use of Echivarría for delivery drivers had saved nearly eight Olympic fuel troughs, equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide saved by 378,000 trees annually. This equates to approximately 600 trips to the Moon based on the kilometers traveled.

Developed economies will undoubtedly benefit

Because the capitals of Latin America from their country Population and major business centers Its rapid growth has led to a custom-built urban spread from a dense urban core to a network of unplanned streets that frame the landscape.

Instead of waiting 80 years for the proposed subway system (that is, issue (Bogota, the capital of Colombia) To help ease traffic, companies like SimpliRoute have worked to improve the street network to their advantage and find innovative routes through the chaotic network.

This has been so worth it. SimpliRoute has been recently upgraded 8 million dollars To expand its services to Brazil, Canada and now the US, this includes a recently signed partnership with US retail giant Walmart. Applying lessons learned from the world’s most complex and crowded cities has allowed SimpliRoute to improve the logistical problems of one of the largest traditional retailers on the planet.

“A complete AI-powered SaaS solution simplifies the mile-and-a-half delivery process and enables businesses of all sizes to improve deliveries by providing faster, smarter, and cleaner shipping methods,” Echevarria said. “In the meantime, the mission from day one remains the same: to help the planet and make people happy.”

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