Silvina Luna’s brother spoke about the health of the model: “Her life will never be the same”

Silvina Luna and her brother Ezequiel

Silvina Luna She was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Italian hospital for about a month. The model is going through a sensitive condition due to hypercalcemia, which caused kidney failure as a result of the plastic surgeries that the doctor performed on her in 2011. Hannibal LutokiSince his admission to the hospital, there has been strict secrecy about his development, and only three official medical reports have been published.

But in the last hours, during which Silvina has seen an improvement in her condition, her brother is still sensitive Ezequiel He broke the silence and spoke about the evolution of the actress’s health. “Everything is going very slowly, what she has is a chronic problem, tomorrow we will do a more thorough report so that it is well known what was happening, she was already extubated four days ago,” Ezekiel told the journalist. Juan Echiguin, bike driver Miter Live.

“She eats little but now she can eat, we still haven’t shown Silvina anything about what they are talking about but little by little I tell her about the things that have happened. Still 100% invisible, you have to generate peace of mind in the people who love her. Silvina’s life has changed and it will never be the same, it’s been years since then, it’s not life“, he added.

Silvina Luna (Franco Favasole)

The journalist narrated that lawyer Fernando Borlando He assured him that the media environment hides his health because he is worried. What Borlando told me today is that The panorama during the first hours was horrific, He told me that Silvina’s brother wasn’t even thinking of getting well at that moment, It is terrible to imagine this scenario.”

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This Monday, the driver Britto Angel He also provided details of the slight development Silvina had witnessed in the last hours they (America). “Some talk of a miracle, but one shouldn’t be too optimistic because Silvina is still in critical condition, in intensive care and on dialysis, which she will have to do until the bacteria are finally removed and transplanted,” De Brito explained.

“They told me from the Italian hospital that they are now focusing a lot on working with the kinesiologists because Silvina has been in bed for a month with all the equipment. She did not get up and she has to regain her strength in order to walk again and move on her own,” she closed in this regard.

In the same tone, This Tuesday appeared on and air from intruders (America), Guido Zafora revealed that the model “receives visits from her close circle. Apart from her brother and two friends, she receives visits from people she respects a lot.

De Brito had surprised the audience last Friday they that Luna was experiencing an improvement in her spirits. He already grabbed his cell phone, don’t text him because he doesn’t have whatsapp or networks or anything. She said she uses her cell phone to do the meditations, which she’s been doing already, so she listens to them on her cell phone.”

Regarding the treatment he undergoes daily, the driver explained that dialysis lasts from six to eight hours. “It is a rather heavy load. She has been lying down for a long time and this is causing her a lot of pain, but she continues to breathe on her own without the ventilator as it was connected before.” explained the journalist.

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On the other hand, he revealed that Luna’s friends told him that now the model is “taking the lead.” Along these lines, de Brito stated: “It was again like Silvina Luna. He’s really starting to make some jokes and improve his morale, despite the fact that the picture is still complicated. All of this I consider a slight improvement. I know a lot of people want to hear.” News about Silvina and that many people want her.”

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