Silvina Luna had an unexpected gesture since her hospitalization that gave hope to her environment

While waiting for a new medical report, the news was learned on Thursday about the health condition of the model, who was admitted to the Italian hospital for three weeks. (photo: instagram/silvinalunaoficial).

Silvina Luna You are still being admitted to the intensive care unit of the Italian hospital. Despite revealing that his health condition remains critical, A sign of hope for his surroundings.

“I’ve spoken with Borlando. They’re going to make a statement, but he told me so Silvina is better. He remains critically ill. “Talk to me minute by minute, because this is changing minute by minute,” Guido Zafora said on air. intruders (America).

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The journalist noted that the model “on mechanical ventilationBut it is non-invasive. He added immediately afterwards: “He told me in detail that made the doctors very happy, and that’s it Silvina can communicate. She cannot speak, because she is intubated and sedated, but they manage to remove the anesthesia, and she can communicate by other means. He signs with his hands. He still doesn’t speak. but He made a very special tag that made everyone happy: order food.”

Silvina Luna has been in Italian hospital since June 13 (Photo: Instagram/@silvinalunaoficial)

She could not eat, but she asked for food. I was hungry, which is a good signConcluded was the speaker who, as indicated, had phone calls with the attorney representing her. A new medical part is expected to be known in the next few hours. It will be the third since the model entered the Italian hospital.

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Silvina Luna hospitalized: what happened to the model

On the night of Tuesday the 27th, the news broke Silvina Luna She was admitted to the Italian hospital. For a decade, the model has been in delicate health due to malpractice What have you done Hannibal Lutoki.

At that time, he learned that she was sedated and on a ventilator. However, Wednesday night’s improvement got her off the tube.

Silvina Luna has been in Italian hospital for three weeks (Photo: Instagram/silvinalunaoficial)

After speculation, the family decided to issue The first medical part This Friday. Regarding his health condition, he indicated that he is “breathing on his own Stable vital signs.”His diagnosis is immuneThe document concluded.

All seemed to be going well until Saturday, 24 hours after the announcement, a setback in her health caused her to be intubated again.

The post in which Ángel Di Brito referred to Silvina Luna’s health. (photo: Twitter/angeldebritook)

This Monday, at The second medical partThey indicated that “She is still mechanically ventilated, awake, and vital signs stable.“.

On Wednesday night, Ángel de Brito reported that they tried to remove the respirator, but had to back off because the form “He has no strength to breathe without mechanical assistance.

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