Silvia Avila Dean of the College of Medicine

With 51.69 percent of the vote, Silvia Avila and Martin Rigueiro became dean and vice dean teachers Medical Sciences from Kumaho National University (Share one) By winning the second round, the roster consists of Gabriella Luchetti and Gabriella Pavo.

“It’s a huge commitment to the confidence of those who voted for us and those who didn’t,” Avila noted.

Meanwhile, in the College of Environmental and Health Sciences, during the second round, Anahi Alvarez and Emilina Tierzo were elected Dean and Vice Dean from the “Facias Unit” list with 54.71 percent of the vote. Behind the “Somos Facias” list, Natalia Guinazu and Anna Carrillo were nominated, receiving 45.29 percent of the vote.

In the first round, Carlos Espinosa deans were consecrated at the Faculty of Tourism, and Lidia Camadro Matamala will hold a position in Pedagogical Sciences; in Engineering, Anna Maria Bassett; Meanwhile, Esteban Jokers is already holding the Deanship of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.

Juan Carlos Fernandez was elected to the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences; in Economics and Management, Mariela Martinez; in the Humanities, Francisco Camilo Villa; In computing Guillermo Grosso continues. Silvina Rodriguez, agronomist Valentin Tassel, was re-elected, majoring in Languages, Food Science and Technology.

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