Silverstone wants to be a “festival” of Formula 1 like Miami and Las Vegas

After activating the break clause in the contract with Bernie Ecclestone In 2017 due to a 5% race hosting fee increase, a new five-year deal was signed for Silverstone with Liberty Media in 2019.

Now that you have a “more collaborative” relationship with the owners Formula 1Circuit CEO Stuart Pringle is now “ready to collaborate and walk the aisle for the long haul” and follow in the footsteps of Albert Park, who recently signed a 10-year deal.

To promote Silverstone offer along with the successful Miami GB And for the inaugural Las Vegas race, which will come in 2023, Northamptonshire Circuit is planning a new track.

It’s about turning the British Grand Prix into a “festival” and improving its green credentials.

Pringle explained to “Recognizing that in Miami and with the rise of Las Vegas, there is an expectation of a level of entertainment that we have not seen before at Silverstone.

“It’s become a different sport. There’s a whole new group of people entering it. The challenge I’m putting for our team here at Silverstone is how do we keep up? How do we do it in our own style?”.

“How do we do it our way without becoming a monolithic product based on the US, but still maintaining the unique identity of the British Grand Prix?”

“The answer is that we are making it a British summer festival. In the coming years, the quality of the musical performances will rise exponentially.”

Austin Amphitheater Stage 360

Photography: Zach Moger / motorsports pictures

As part of the first steps, Sam Ryder – Ukraine’s runner-up in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest – will perform the national anthem ahead of the 2022 British Grand Prix.

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The False Music Festival will help keep fans on site to reduce commuting, helping to achieve Silverstone’s sustainability goals.

Pringle continued: “We will also address the other really important concern in Formula 1, which is the sustainability of the championship.

“We will be, if it is not the most sustainable race in Formula 1, it is one of the best two or three races. I think we will probably be the most sustainable race.

The fact that seven of the 10 F1 teams are based in the UK, as well as Biggin Hill’s F1 operations, contributes to reduced emissions from travel.

In addition, a robust parking and pick-up service for 238 buses, as well as charter trains, will boost public transportation for an estimated 400,000 fans expected to attend over the weekend.

The owner of Silverstone, the British Drivers’ Club, will also increase its total investment in 2,700 solar panels to £2.8 million to ensure 25-30% of the circuit’s annual energy needs are generated at the site.

Pringle said: “There are many examples that show the importance of Formula 1 innovation for this country.

“But there are people who don’t understand that. They think we produce carbon dioxide for fun.”

“I am determined to address that. It is a very thoughtful and clear statement. We are doing everything we can to advance this work.”

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Belgian Grand Prix organizers are also following the same concept of entertainment, amid questions about the race’s future in the F1 calendar.

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