Silent Hill appears again in an unexpected and disappointing way for fans

Konami does not surprise us with new games, but with strategies that capitalize on the popularity of the franchise.

Here we are again the silent Hill But not the way we would like. And although this franchise has won the affection of all survival horror fans, it looks like it is Konami He has no intention of continuing that with new games. But that doesn’t mean he continues to take advantage of epic fame to get it goods This has little to do with the terrifying adventure, something we’ve already seen with her The official skateboard deck.

It’s clear that at Konami they have a real penchant for the sport, as they once again used the name Silent Hill to advertise a new Skateboard collection. As shown in the tweet Konami Official StoreThe designs for each table are based on the franchise titles and will be revealed to the public gradually.

If you are interested in knowing what prints Konami makes for their skates, keep in mind that the following February 23 The design of the first skateboard will be published and reservations for its purchase will be opened. Konami will follow this strategy to show the rest of the group, which will consist of a total of four panels Which will be taught in the coming months.

Of course, it’s not that the community has given Konami so little clues to continue the famous saga. and very Guillermo del Toro winked at the company during the Game Awards 2021s Player Creations They only managed to raise expectations by seeing a new title in the franchise. However, everything indicates that Konami ignores this and prefers to continue His experience with NFTs.

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