Shooting in the United States left at least three people dead and two wounded – the United States of America and Canada – international

At least three people, including the alleged attackerAnd two died and two were injured in a shooting at a grocery store on Saturday. Arms sales In a suburb of the American city New Orleans, In Louisiana, police said.

Joseph LupintoThe Jefferson County Sheriff said in a statement that a group of agents had gone to a weapons depot in a suburb Miter After receiving reports of shooting outside the facility.

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Upon their arrival at the scene, as stated in the warrant, the police found “many of the victims who suffered.” Shot“.

The information added, “It was announced that three people were killed at the scene and two others were transferred to a local hospital for treatment.”

Police indicated that one of the suspects It is alleged that he shot two people in the armory Then, prof shooting With other individuals.

The statement added that this person was “among the dead at the scene of the accident,” while the two citizens, who were taken to hospital, were in “stable” condition.

So far, the possible causes of the event are unknown.

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