She’s 79, she has to work to pay off debts and her boss surprises her with a heartfelt gesture

Lou is 79 years old, and despite his age, he continues to work. the reason? Because of his low salary, he has accumulated debts, and he has to bear them. However, her boss had a gesture that elicited applause from everyone.

Lou’s case was shared by Inside EditionIn a popular video clip on YouTube. In it you can hear that woman You can’t retire yet because you have too many debts to pay off And the money she has is minimal, and she has even asked her boss for several overtime shifts on several occasions.

The 79-year-old woman continues to work (photograph video)

debts owed by women 79 years is the rent for the car in which he goes to work every day. Alice Prince, his boss and restaurateur, upon learning of the situation, decides to open a restaurant GoFundMe to raise money to help Lou with his debtwithout imagining that it will gather approx 16 thousand dollars.

“We enjoy having her here, though at the same time, We hate to see her work at her age, too.” Alice stated, very happy with the goal achieved. With the money, Lou Anne Antrop will be able to cover many of her debts and, if she wishes, continue to work in that family restaurant where she seems to be very well liked by her colleagues.

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They collect money for an elderly lady who works for her debts

On the other hand, according to Thinkinworld, a dishwasher can earn on average $13.15 an hour in the US in 2023, This means that the salary amounts to eight hours per working day 108 bucks approx.

However, sometimes the salary is usually much lower and they charge little for all their work Daily, namely: washing dishes, glassware, cutlery, pots and pans and taking care of cleaning the premises in various situations.

Written by Maria Camila Salas.

El Universal (Mexico)

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