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There are many influencers and other social media personalities who show that their main job is to create content for thousands of followers. This is the reason why so many young people want to imitate this lifestyle. In this sense, man in Mexico He found out that his daughter wanted to drop out of school to be a tiktoker and decided to teach her a life lesson so that she would understand the value of the effort.. The recording spread widely and gained wide acceptance.

Currently, there are many platforms where influencers enjoy fame and prestige. This popularity is not achieved by the vast majority of users no matter how much perseverance they dedicate to it. Some perceive it as “luck”. However, some of them have asserted that devoting themselves 100% to this activity is not for everyone, which is why many of them got another job to be able to support themselves.

In this case, the father discovered that his daughter, a minor, She ran away from school to go to her boyfriend’s house to do it tik tokIt’s because I wanted to be a famous influencer. The construction man was so angry, and showed her the meaning of “effort,” he chose to take her to one of his days of work.

In the clip you can see star, his teenage daughter. The man tried to show her what he had to do every day so that she would not be lacking anything. This is why the subject scolds her for escaping from school and Send her to pick up a bag of cement.

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The young woman finally reached down to take the bag, but then failed to try Her father told her she couldn’t do it because she was raised with “comforts”.. Then, by teaching, tell her how hard the real world is and that you have to work hard to make money.

The video was posted by user @susyjimenez0 with the description: “Oh star, you have to pay attention to the parents.”. So far, this clip has received more than 10.4 million views, 862 thousand likes, more than 20 thousand comments of users who mostly agreed with what the parent did to make her daughter see why.

“The problem is not that you are influential, but that you want to drop out of school,” “That’s how it is spoken, sir, you taught me that too. Well.” “Finally I see a father, not a friend. This is a father’s job to teach him what is best. How many people later did not regret dropping out”, “It is good that he thinks of being influential but continues to study”Some netizens comments after watching this life lesson.

Finally, the teen’s father spoke with Melino’s broker and explained why he had made his decision to take his daughter to work as a builder for a day: “He ran away from home. It is not easy to make money, because it costs. She doesn’t want to study‘, was sentenced.

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